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Thursday, January 19, 2012


ugh!! I'm really feeling slow this january!! I've had no calls or potential auditions and I'm feeling the strain! I need my fix!!

So instead of acting all down and paranoid, i decided to post this! I am currently doing the performers project in college so at least I'm acting for 6 hours a week and getting the creative fluids flowing!! I am also doing the directing module, 2 hours a week and then on top of that a bit of Italian, Shakespeare (plays and films) and Crime literature! so yay! there is no time when my brain is not actively being creative!!

However, every single day I'm praying for a phone call or an email about an audition! Hoping that if not today then tomorrow... for something! anything! ... but alas, 19 days into January and still nothing. Well it is only 19 days into the new year and my last project was in december (or possibly nov!).. so it hasn't just been 19 days, it's been a good long haul since i had my last project and audition. And I'm feeling massive withdrawal symptoms.

But I guess while I'm out of work I can focus on other things. Such as:

1. My body. I have recently been trying to shovel less shite food down my throat and stick to all the healthy stuff! I've also been exercising loads, such as jogging in and out of college 4 days a week and then doing a workout by Jillian Michaels on the weekend or some evening during the week (maybe even twice a week) when i can. So that if I am called for an audition for anything, at least I know I'm healthy and comfortable with my body! I Don't really diet as much as I exercise, which is a faux-pas because it's the combination of the two that'll get you fit and healthy quicker! But I sorta believe that you should eat whatever you want to eat, just don't go chomping down mounds of chocolate cake every chance you get! I eat quite well, although it's my first week back at college and I haven't found the time to go shopping for healthy food yet, but once I settle back into being in Dublin then I'll get a system going and start eating like a normal human being and put away the koka noodles!

2. Reading. I'm doing a lot of it for college and because it's mainly plays, I know that I'd have a good background knowledge of a lot of characters and stuff that could be relevant for inspiration for auditions. And since the film industry is recreating a lot of novels and the like, I feel it's a really good grounding for myself if I read more!! So I'm reading The Stieg Larsson novels, and the shakespeare plays (some of the less familiar ones) and Beckett and all sorts really! so yay for reading and widening my horizons! woohoo!!

3. Trying to find material for a showreel! These days it seems important to have bits of you on camera! so thats what I'm trying to do! get monologues or anything really to put on camera!!! But I tell you, finding the time and resources are a lot harder than it's made out!!! Luckily I've have the episode of Cuckoo to put on my showreel or put up as a clip in the meantime, while making a showreel... oh god..

4. Watching Grey's Anatomy... honestly one of the best shows ever made!! The script is amazing! some of the dialogue and the monologues in it are just heart wrenching! So I'm definitely going to try and get something from that to work into my showreel!!! yay!!!

Um... thats all for now i guess.. I have the workings of a youtube video that is going to be put up soon.. maybe next week about audition essentials and what i do for auditions and the like!!

Anyways thanks for reading my blog!!

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