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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I got Cast!!... as Another One liner!!

Woohoo!! Lets hear it for ME! ok no seriously though, since my one line ("Message for you sir") on Titanic Blood and Steel, I have not had a day to top that experience on a professional set. There is something so amazing about being on set and being a minor cast member! (sooo looking forward to the day where I'll become a primary cast member but hey-ho! one step at a time!)

So today I got news from my agent that an offer of a one-line part has been made to me for a tv series that will air on the history channel!! So friggin excited! and I'll take some pics (if i can) and then put them up here once the series has aired and everything is no longer a big copy-right issue.

So excited! How did I get this you ask? Through my agent! A while ago, I was asked to submit an online audition for two minor roles in the series and I hadn't heard back from them in a while! Ah! So naturally I was sad and doubted myself, but overall got over it and realised it wasn't for me!

This is exactly the same as what happened for Titanic Blood and Steel, I auditioned for a role, didn't get it and then some time later got called on for a one-line part!

So now I know that I can at least be trusted to deliver a line! woohoo!! so excited!

Believe in yourself, and always do your best! Because the casting directors will remember you! xxx

Peach out! x

Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Godbod'... insanity!

So I decided, in order to get to where I want to get to in this industry i would have to start earning the 'Godbod'....

So what do I mean by "godbod", well, this industry is incredibly shallow. It's all about how you look, and I have definitely learned this! That is why it is soooo hard to be positive in this business, because when you're not cast in something, it is more often than not down to your look and not your acting ability.

I read somewhere that 80% of your audition is simply walking into the room. So I know I want to look my very best, and currently, I don't. I need a few things done before I can ever venture into a room, confident that my body is in tip-top condition! So.. I need to achieve the 'Godbod', so that I know that whenever I am not cast, that it won't be because I wasn't skinny enough..

Now 'skinny' is a term that i very rarely use, and actually what I mean to say is 'healthy' enough. I really don't think this industry should be promoting those very skinny actresses, that look like dolls that would just shatter and break if you touched them.

I would much rather achieve the 'godbod's of Jessica Biel, Candice Swanepoel and Beyonce! Healthy, slim and attractive!

I think more and more of the people out there trying to break into this industry is falling into the trap of trying to be extremely skinny, and taking drastic measures to get there, like surgery or extreme dieting.

Well, thats not me! I absolutely love me food and although I know I should put down the carbs and pick up some veg, I just can't! I'm not a veggie eater, and much prefer fruit and carbs way more. I'm extremely picky when it comes to food, so eating a very healthy strict diet, is definitely something that doesn't really appeal to me (even though one day I know I will have to force feed myself a salad!)

So how to achieve the 'Godbod'?...

well I started looking at some fitness programmes online, and a friend had recommended Insanity Workout Series. He's in the army and gave me a lend of his copy and told me this would be intense!!! Ah!! And he was very very very correct!

Even though I love Casey @ Blogilates, and I definitely saw results working her calendar, i wanted more. And I got it through Insanity! I am now on day 23, and I am definitely seeing results! So if anyone is in doubt, don't be! the results will surely start coming!!

My biggest result has been around my stomach and love-handle area! I'm much slimmer now and can wear a bikini without thinking about any unattractive folds or love-handle muffin-top disasters! I have noticed a little bit of a difference in my arms and backside too, however I do feel that with Casey's blogilates calendar i noticed far better results in my booty than i do with insanity! But hey, my 60 day series is not over just yet!!

I have not lost weight on Insanity, I've stayed roughly the same at 54kg (which is correct for my 5'4" height), but I don't judge by the scale anymore! It really is just a number, because even though 23 days ago I was still 54kg, I can definitely see how then and now differ completely by just looking at my stomach!

I'm so proud to be on this workout series! And no, I don't stick to their diet plan, which is probably something I should be doing, and I'd probably see more extreme results. But I just can't force myself to eat leaves, and tomatoes or anything just yet. So I try to stick to 1200 calories most days, but try never exceed 1800 cals. I eat cereal every morning, I also try eat at least two pieces of fruit a day, I eat peanut butter on wholegrain toast and bananas, and my dinner is usually harder to control as I live with my parents. So basically, whatever they have made or prepared is what I eat, but just less of it. I try to make lunch my biggest meal of the day and just have something small for dinner. And I always try and have a dessert of a low fat, low cal mouse or yogurt! Because life is just no fun without dessert!

Anyway, I hope this helps any of you who are thinking about doing this workout series! I do also recommend Blogilates workout Calendar which you can find through her website here!


Also I am not taking any kind of protein supplement with my training... should I be? I've heard different answers everywhere but if anyone here wants to offer some advice I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks again for reading!

Peach out!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movie set extra! Not fair city... thank goodness!

So this week I had two days as a movie extra, one on a film called "Love, Rosie" and then on tuesday was another day on Fair City.

Now you know the deal by now on Fair City so I won't bore you with that! But on monday I got to spend the day in beautiful Enniskerry in Wicklow on the set of Lily Collins' new movie "Love, Rosie", based on a book by Cecelia Ahern.

Turns out, I've actually read that book! I hadn't known that until a friend I met on set started talking about the plot, and then it all slowly started coming back to me! So anyway, even though I did not sign any NDA form, I'm not really supposed to tell you what happened or what we shot on Monday... so sadly, I won't!

But I can tell you I had to wear all black for one seen and very summery formal outfit for another scene! It was a lovely day with a bit of wind and as the evening drew on it just got colder and colder. Sadly for the actors, the scenes were set during spring and so that's not good news when you're in a dress and freezing cold on the side of a hill in Wicklow! Luckily the wonderful crew provided blankets and I know the mains had some water bottles and heavy jackets available too.

Although I never met any of the mains personally, they were all extremely wonderful on set. Christian Cooke was very chatty with some extras, and Sam Clafin was quite humorous, practically falling around the place. Lily looks beautiful in real life, petit, pale, perfect, like a doll! and Jaime Winestone looked fantastic in her character hair and make up!

Overall this looks to be a very cute little film and it was such a pleasure working with everyone on set. I recognised a few people in costume and hair from Titanic Blood and Steel, as well as the Jimi Hendrix film too! It's always nice to see familiar faces and of course I'm very happy to see them all working hard!

I think I definitely want to do some work experience behind the scenes too! I would love to be an AD or an assistant producer! I'll definitely have to look into that one! any advice!? or do any of your readers have similar desires?!

Thanks for reading!

Peach out!