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Welcome to my page! Thank you so much for reading! I'm in my twenties, and this is my little blog about my acting and working experiences! Please enjoy, follow and leave a comment if it interests you! Thanks again for reading!

Monday, October 31, 2011


So last thursday I went to my first improv class with dramsoc. It was amazing! The girl, who shall not be named, who taught the class was incredible! I was watching her with awe!! So here are some of the handy tips I learned that I will pass on to you!

1. Don't try over do yourself in a character, try to stick to your own personality, and let your 'inner funny' come out.

2. The next one is, recognize the game. So there will be a sentence someone says or something someone does that you should latch too. So if example someone says, "I can't, my feet are too big.. they've always been an embarrassment", then latch to that until something else comes out, or new information is produced. this would be like, your banter topic.

3. Don't ever begin with a question or refrain from asking too many or any at all, the idea here is, when you do this then you put all the responsibility on your partner and in improv it's all a team act! so play the game and share the responsibility!

4. Always supply information, don't ever say no or stay silent or say the same response over. This is because it causes the improv to go in circles and not progress.

Um.. That's all I can remember for now! So i'll be back with more tips from the most amazing teacher! yay! I'm going to audition for the improv team so it'll be deadly!

So thats all for now! my little readers!
Peach out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Character development

So guys I'm currently in three different up-coming Dramsoc shows (one is actually running this week), and I thought I'd do a little blog about character development and how it helps to keep you on your toes and how it makes each charter different.

The character I am currently spending the most time on is Michelle Dubois from "Allo Allo" which is running in UCD dramsoc this week. Michelle is a leader of the French Resistance in wartime France. This is crucial information when thinking about Michelle. Firstly French culture isn't so alien to me as I love french and France itself, but the 1940's France is new to me. So It is important to read up on research of this time period because remember, what you say on stage is coming from the character and it is important to distinguish between the character and the actor.
   We did workshops on character a few times in rehearsals, and this is what we did. Walk around the room as your own person, as the actor. Notice how fast you walk, what parts of your body move, how your feet are placed. This will make it easier for you to know when you have stepped out of character on stage. Feel the ground and the way you hold yourself, do you look ahead? Do you look down? Is your back straight or curved, are your shoulders back or forward. Then slowly think about your character and how they would walk, how they would place their feet. Michelle, is paranoid and wears ridiculous disguises so I have her walking slightly hunched over (except when in disguise) and her footsteps are longer strides than mine, and lighter so as to not draw attention to herself. Her head moves quickly to take in her surroundings, she speaks softly but audibly. These are her characteristics and they are quite different to mine so I know when I am out of character. It is difficult to be a character in disguise, because they are trying to put on a performance over their normal attributes, Michelle dresses as a nun, a gendarme and a prostitute. The main thing I focus on here is the head, how does her head move. Her body may move differently, i.e., more upright for the gendarme (french police) and more hunched as a nun. But her head movements stay the same, sharp movements. Take in everything.

Doing small workshops and noticing how your body moves is extremely useful for when you are doing a lot of character driven plays. Another production I'm working on is "Riders to the Sea" by J.M. Synge  which will be performed next week. I play the role of Nora, who is the youngest in the play, possibly mid teens and who is the quietest. She is soft and gentle in her movements. She is much closer to Maurya than she is to Cathleen and Bartley. I feel that she is sisterly to Cathleen of course who would inform her of the ways of the world more so than Maurya would, but she would never really speak out of turn to Bartley. I feel this is because she respects him as the older man and the only son left in the household. Very chauvinistic I know but this play is not exactly set in modern times. Her character is completely different to that of Michelle so it is not hard at all to pop in an out between characters. Both born in completely different eras, Michelle is french and used to mainland France. Nora is born and raised on The Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland and is taught that men are out to work and woman are to stay at home. Because she is closer to Maurya her views are similar to her mothers.

I discovered all this information about Nora because of a workshop with the directors. It proved so useful for getting into the mind frame of Nora. Ask yourself questions. Simple questions at first like, Who is this character closest to in terms of relationships? And then proceed to questions like, what happened the night before this play was set? What will happen to the character after? What is the thought process right now from line A to line B. This will come in handy in terms of emotion. Nora is young and so she hasn't got the greatest amount of control on her emotions and so she cries quite a bit. The thought process helps with the bringing up of emotions. I find whenever I have a line that is riveted with emotion I can't help but cry. If you are deep into the thought process and the inner workings of a character it really isn't hard to cry at all.

 So keep thinking about your character. Believe in every word you are saying, because they aren't just lines on a page, every sentence has a purpose and needs to be said accordingly. the other character I'm playing is Joanna from "Present Laughter", who I will address in a later post as the other two shows are the more prominent as "Allo Allo" is on this week and "Riders to the Sea" is on Next week.

stay tuned for more!! I will hopefully post up videos soon enough of me acting, perhaps of these characters so that it'll help you in some sense grasp what I'm saying.

Thanks for reading! sorry it's a bit long-winded!!

Peach out!! xxxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011



On monday I received a phone call from the wonderful Assistant Director of Titanic to inform me that in two days time I would be shooting the scene for Titanic and that they would collect me from my accommodation in Dublin but would call me tomorrow for more details about Wednesday (this call being on Monday).

Today I waited all day for the phone call. I told all my tutors and directors for the Dramsoc plays that I'm waiting on a call that I must take when it comes in. All were of course understanding. Just after half past 3, I got a phone call. Not from the company but from my agent, who informed me that he was terribly sorry to bring bad news but the scene was re-written and I was not going to be in Titanic: Blood and Steel. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!

Needless to say I was devastated because I was terribly excited. I absolutely loved the costume I tried on in the costume fitting and I was so excited about what would have been my first TV experience. Alas it was not to be. Hopefully I will get another job soon though. Although they have cut me out of the script (understandable in such a huge production under time constraints) they are still going to pay me the full shilling. This was in case I could have been offered a different job on that date but I had said no, so really they needed to pay me. (that's how I see it anyway). So when it comes down to it, I suppose it's not that bad really. Still... would have loved for my little scene to happen. Oh well.

Also I'm absolutely drowned with stress and pressures of Family life, college and balancing 3 up-coming Dramsoc plays. I have decided, since I was going to be working tomorrow anyway and have written to my tutor for the one class I have tomorrow, that I'm taking the day off. Because even my weekend was busy with rehearsals. So every now and then a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do. And this girl needs a break!!!

It didn't help that I walked to college today and my socks were so wet the whole day. I have a headache now and a bit of a sore throat, so I hope that I'll be ok for tomorrow night's show.

OH YES!! THE SHOW!! Gosh, I forgot! Last night was the first production of "Allo Allo". It was quite good considering it was our first full run with all the props, music and costume changes (I have quite a few). tonight was much better however. so I think the rest of the run will follow in the footsteps of tonight.

I think I'll leave it at that for now. I will post later on, possibly tomorrow about great techniques for character development.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

Peach out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, as I believe i previous stated, I'm becoming very involved in the Dramsoc projects at UCD. Today I'll have dress rehearsal for "Allo Allo"where hopefully we'll get so much done that we'll finish early... well, here's hoping! xx
I also had rehearsals last night for a play I've recently been cast in: "Riders of the Sea"by J.M. Synge.  As I go along I'll let you know the thoughts on my character and how I channel emotions as the play deals with the recent death of two brothers. I have a twin brother who I'm close to so I don't think it's quite hard to imagine what the loss of him will feel like. More on that next week when proper rehearsals begin.

I have been having the worst possible issues pressed on me for the last 6 months, which recently exploded  a couple nights ago. It has left me emotionally and physically drained but I carry on and push through. Because we all should try our best to not inflict your circumstances on to others, and affect them just because you're having a crap day. That is not to say that you should bear the load yourself, if you have great friends or a boyfriend that you can talk to like I do, then you should. Provided that the information you relay stays between you as know one else should be discussing your business.

I have also been recently aware of how people act around me. A friend's blog reminded me that you cannot always trust people and you should try and keep the negative ones out. It is a truth that has echoed throughout my life. Moving from South Africa to Ireland was a big change, and people say things or do things that are hurtful to you because you're different. In college it's not so much the fact that you're different, but it's your personality, how you treat other people, that affects how you are perceived and treated. In a name game in the rehearsals and warm ups in Dramsoc, we come out with an adjective to describe ourselves that begin with the same letter as our name. Mine is "Positive Pagan". And that is how I plan  to remain, positive. It's so much easier to be a negative person so I believe that if you are positive you make every effort to bring light into any situation.

"If you see someone without a smile, give them yours"--- Dolly Parton.

So if you are an actor facing difficulties juggling a dysfunctional family, a relationship, college work and your slow moving actor career, then my advice to you is to stay positive!! Because you might just be in a shit mood one day and bump into someone really important and be mean to them and they may never hire you. Stay positive, be kind and help who-ever you can because at the end of the day, someone may remember you in 50 years time as being the person who made a difference.

Peach out.xx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Costume fitting!!!

Ok so wow, I went for my first costume fitting today! It was fantastic! As you know i've a small part in the Titanic series, and I went for the fitting today. Anyways, I'm just repeating myself, So I went into the production house at half 4.

I was introduced to the producer and had to fill out a health form... oh how exciting.... after that though I had to wait a while whilst someone else was getting fitted. And I couldn't help but gawp at the large wall of black and white headshots! I found mine as soon as I stared at the wall for more than 5 mins! also there was my ex-cast member Anthony Morris, so it was lovely to see a familiar face, even if it was only a photograph. Also I found Karl Shiel's photo soon enough. Also there was Derek Jacobi, Kevin Zegers Neeve Campbell and Chris Noth!!!! wowzers! To see my face on the same cast list as those big names is so fabulous!! YAY!!

Shortly afterwards I was introduced to the costume designer, a fabulous Italian, and from what I've seen, has an amazing gift for costume!! When I was finally being fitted by the costume assistant, I could hardly contain my excitement!! I was put into a corset!! then fabulous shoes, black leather lace up!! nom!!

Then An AMAZING dress!! AMAZING! It was long and navy and pleated. Absolutely beautiful detail. No one else was able to fit into this dress and they really wanted it in the production! Luckily I managed to just squeeze into it!! Only just! The corset will be a little tighter (and I thought it was bad already!!) So excited for my lil scene!! I'll be working with Kevin Zegers and Billy Carter on wednesday!! Can't wait!!

I'll let you know more about the filming on the day! my tip for going to a fitting is where tights it's just less embarrassing! xx
Anyways that is all for now!!

Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

script amendment and Dramsoc!!

so yesterday morning I received a large letter!!  It's all very exciting when I get post! So When I opened it I found a green script because they had made changes to the script for my part in Titanic: Blood and Steel. The one line I have has changed and the scene has changed altogether. Exciting! I keep thinking it's not real, but it is!! I can't believe I'm going to be in my first TV role! Now I know that it's only one line and it's a glorified extra really, but I can't wait. I think this is just the beginning and I'm only going to go and do bigger and better things after this!! Exciting times ahead!! xx

I also would like to say a small bit about UCD Dramsoc. I had rehearsals yesterday from 3-4pm then again from 5-6pm for "Allo Allo. I then had an hour workshop with the cast from my next project, "Present Laughter". I am getting so involved with everything and I'm auditioning for everything I can! Because I think in this business, no matter how stressful the workload is, when you're acting and doing what you love then it's all worth it, and all problems seem to melt away with the transformation into a character. And back to back rehearsals for two different productions really keeps me on my toes, and it's so much fun to change character so quickly! I also Auditioned for "Riders of the Sea" which I really hope I get to be a part of! I can't wait to hear about callbacks!!! I am possibly going to audition for "Blue Remembered Hills" as well, because hey, who doesn't want to be 7 again?!! xx

So that is all my exciting news for now. Not terribly exciting but news is better than no news. Stay tuned for Coming posts on great ideas for female monologues. And I shall be shortly up on youtube performing monologues and dialogues! I just need a camera and a reading partner... should be up next week sometime. If i can't get anyone I'll put up the monologue by Regina George from Mean Girls, not the best monologue but it's just a bit of fun!!

Stay tuned!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Morning all!

Good morning!

As you can see that the previous posts were about food, what to make and where to eat. This is because between my busy schedule I don't have a lot of time to make extravagant meals, and on a student's budget  I can't afford them either. So if i find any good recipes or any great cheap places to eat in Dublin City I shall post it here.

So a bit about me. I was born in South Africa and I moved to Wexford, Ireland when I was 10 years old. Ireland was where I fell in love with acting and drama (although I was a rather dramatic child!) and I joined Red Moon Youth Ensemble. I was a member with them for a few years before moving on to County Wexford Youth Theatre where I stayed and played for 5 years. When I started college I found myself attending the youth theatre less and less due to the workload, but now I return occasionally to teach and assist and to have fun. I mainly help with the newer youth members or the younger members. I loved being in Youth Theatre because I found it challenged and matured me and it's where I made lifelong friends, I have never regretted a moment in youth theatre.

I am now in my third year of a degree in English and Drama in UCD. I am an extremely active member of their Dramsoc this year as I'm looking to gain valuable experience and meet new people. I didn't have a lot of time for extra activities last year as I was taking part in my first professional show, "Lay Me Down Softly" by Billy Roche, which began in Wexford and went on to Dublin, Galway and London. Those were extremely exciting times and an amazing experience. It was also amazing because i was receiving a pay check! I couldn't believe it, I was a professional!

But after one job, it's all auditions and meetings until the next and you suddenly feel the lack of a pay check. Which i suppose is natural for anyone who has worked temporarily. So I'm on the hunt for a new job (acting wise mind you!). So any auditions I have I will post it here. Any jobs I get I'll post it here. Anything I think I will...ah you get the idea...

Since my run in London finished, I have performed a rehearsed reading for the fringe and I will be doing a very small walk on part in Titanic: Blood and Steel, due to be filmed next week. Super excited about that. I don't think I can tell you any details about the scene or the characters or what I'm doing exactly but I can tell you about how I found my experience.

I hope you enjoy this blog and the many posts to come!!
Stay tuned!

(PS: Yes that is me on the METEOR photograph campaign, you can see it around dublin centre and UCD, I'm Vegas Baby!!)