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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



On monday I received a phone call from the wonderful Assistant Director of Titanic to inform me that in two days time I would be shooting the scene for Titanic and that they would collect me from my accommodation in Dublin but would call me tomorrow for more details about Wednesday (this call being on Monday).

Today I waited all day for the phone call. I told all my tutors and directors for the Dramsoc plays that I'm waiting on a call that I must take when it comes in. All were of course understanding. Just after half past 3, I got a phone call. Not from the company but from my agent, who informed me that he was terribly sorry to bring bad news but the scene was re-written and I was not going to be in Titanic: Blood and Steel. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!

Needless to say I was devastated because I was terribly excited. I absolutely loved the costume I tried on in the costume fitting and I was so excited about what would have been my first TV experience. Alas it was not to be. Hopefully I will get another job soon though. Although they have cut me out of the script (understandable in such a huge production under time constraints) they are still going to pay me the full shilling. This was in case I could have been offered a different job on that date but I had said no, so really they needed to pay me. (that's how I see it anyway). So when it comes down to it, I suppose it's not that bad really. Still... would have loved for my little scene to happen. Oh well.

Also I'm absolutely drowned with stress and pressures of Family life, college and balancing 3 up-coming Dramsoc plays. I have decided, since I was going to be working tomorrow anyway and have written to my tutor for the one class I have tomorrow, that I'm taking the day off. Because even my weekend was busy with rehearsals. So every now and then a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do. And this girl needs a break!!!

It didn't help that I walked to college today and my socks were so wet the whole day. I have a headache now and a bit of a sore throat, so I hope that I'll be ok for tomorrow night's show.

OH YES!! THE SHOW!! Gosh, I forgot! Last night was the first production of "Allo Allo". It was quite good considering it was our first full run with all the props, music and costume changes (I have quite a few). tonight was much better however. so I think the rest of the run will follow in the footsteps of tonight.

I think I'll leave it at that for now. I will post later on, possibly tomorrow about great techniques for character development.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

Peach out!

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  1. Unfortunately these kinds of things happen. I went through something similar myself, but with a supporting role in a feature film!! All you can do is cry your heart out for a day or two until you run out of tears, then just think "The hell with it". After all they're still paying you, for what it's worth. Other good acting jobs will come our way, I'm sure of that!!
    Look forward to reading your next post.