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Monday, October 31, 2011


So last thursday I went to my first improv class with dramsoc. It was amazing! The girl, who shall not be named, who taught the class was incredible! I was watching her with awe!! So here are some of the handy tips I learned that I will pass on to you!

1. Don't try over do yourself in a character, try to stick to your own personality, and let your 'inner funny' come out.

2. The next one is, recognize the game. So there will be a sentence someone says or something someone does that you should latch too. So if example someone says, "I can't, my feet are too big.. they've always been an embarrassment", then latch to that until something else comes out, or new information is produced. this would be like, your banter topic.

3. Don't ever begin with a question or refrain from asking too many or any at all, the idea here is, when you do this then you put all the responsibility on your partner and in improv it's all a team act! so play the game and share the responsibility!

4. Always supply information, don't ever say no or stay silent or say the same response over. This is because it causes the improv to go in circles and not progress.

Um.. That's all I can remember for now! So i'll be back with more tips from the most amazing teacher! yay! I'm going to audition for the improv team so it'll be deadly!

So thats all for now! my little readers!
Peach out!

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