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Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, as I believe i previous stated, I'm becoming very involved in the Dramsoc projects at UCD. Today I'll have dress rehearsal for "Allo Allo"where hopefully we'll get so much done that we'll finish early... well, here's hoping! xx
I also had rehearsals last night for a play I've recently been cast in: "Riders of the Sea"by J.M. Synge.  As I go along I'll let you know the thoughts on my character and how I channel emotions as the play deals with the recent death of two brothers. I have a twin brother who I'm close to so I don't think it's quite hard to imagine what the loss of him will feel like. More on that next week when proper rehearsals begin.

I have been having the worst possible issues pressed on me for the last 6 months, which recently exploded  a couple nights ago. It has left me emotionally and physically drained but I carry on and push through. Because we all should try our best to not inflict your circumstances on to others, and affect them just because you're having a crap day. That is not to say that you should bear the load yourself, if you have great friends or a boyfriend that you can talk to like I do, then you should. Provided that the information you relay stays between you as know one else should be discussing your business.

I have also been recently aware of how people act around me. A friend's blog reminded me that you cannot always trust people and you should try and keep the negative ones out. It is a truth that has echoed throughout my life. Moving from South Africa to Ireland was a big change, and people say things or do things that are hurtful to you because you're different. In college it's not so much the fact that you're different, but it's your personality, how you treat other people, that affects how you are perceived and treated. In a name game in the rehearsals and warm ups in Dramsoc, we come out with an adjective to describe ourselves that begin with the same letter as our name. Mine is "Positive Pagan". And that is how I plan  to remain, positive. It's so much easier to be a negative person so I believe that if you are positive you make every effort to bring light into any situation.

"If you see someone without a smile, give them yours"--- Dolly Parton.

So if you are an actor facing difficulties juggling a dysfunctional family, a relationship, college work and your slow moving actor career, then my advice to you is to stay positive!! Because you might just be in a shit mood one day and bump into someone really important and be mean to them and they may never hire you. Stay positive, be kind and help who-ever you can because at the end of the day, someone may remember you in 50 years time as being the person who made a difference.

Peach out.xx

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