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Friday, July 20, 2012

can you be an actor with tattoos?

Ok so I thought I'd share my thoughts on actors with tattoos as my brother is trying to be an actor (much like myself! What can I say, twin see twin do) and he's got a large tattoo that covers some of his upper left chest and his shoulder down to his elbow. So it's kind of half a sleeve. Now don't get me wrong the tattoo is pretty cool and I actually really like it. But does this affect his chances as an actor?

In short yes. But if the movie is modern enough then no not really. I think the acting business seems more lenient to tattoos nowadays and it doesn't seem to be a problem. The only time it would be a real problem would be in period films.

Now in ireland unfortunately the only things (well mostly) that are filming at the minute are period pieces such as Vikings and Game of Thrones. But tattoos are easily covered with clothing, and if it comes down to it, there's always make up. I've heard it could take hours to cover it up but I think that if you're the right actor for the part then of course they won't hesitate to hire you and sort the tattoos out later.

Are any of you actors with tattoos? have you come across many problems?


if you're looking for a good make up product to cover tattoos check this out. you can always say this to the director who is casting you, that you would have your own products to cover it.


Peach out! x

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tweet tweet?

Hey guys! Anyone wanna follow me on twitter? It's @appeleyes2. Stay tuned for another beauty post and also a vlog coming soon!!!! Xxx where I'll be reviewing all things acting, beauty, fashion, technology, gaming whatever I wanna talk about really!! Xxx Thanks for staying true!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Ok lovelies... so I can't disclose what happened on set on Monday and tuesday but I will say these few things:

Being a special extra doesn't mean you have to wait around less! You'll still be hanging out on a dining bus for about 8 hours of your day!

The casting of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix is magical and that casting agent deserves a medal!

The actors were extremely cool and sound and didn't mind hanging out or talking to us if they weren't busy

It's a very small world and you'll be surprised at how many people you know or have seen before on set!

Andre's hairstylist is the loveliest person! I want to keep him for my own!!

Hair and make up were lovely but sheesh the back-combing and high hairstyles and hairspray can be very sore!

and finally, the food on a movie set is amazing! and there is plenty of it!

Overall it was great fun hanging out with everyone and chatting and meeting new people!!

Thats a wrap!

(sorry there wasn't much in this post but I signed an NDA which is a nondisclosure form and basically says i'm not really allowed to talk about what went on or what we filmed. understandable for a big film like that. but all extras will need to sign an NDA on any film so expect to be filling in forms when you're an extra!)

Peach out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

CUTTING to the chase.. Jimi hendrix film

So my fitting was more than a fitting!!! They fit me in a fabulous mini dress but the big shock was when I was carted around to find the producer and the hair stylist to decide if I was a good match to play a special extra. So I'd have no lines but I'd play a person who is a real person! So I had to look right! And apparently I do look like her! So they cut it!  

As I was being shown around trying to find the producer I was brought on set and was able to watch Andre do a couple of takes of a scene! Exciting! And then he smiled at me and I smiled back! And later on he would sit beside me as I got my hair cut and he got his restyled for a different scene! So that was cool! It was only for like two mins tho so no words were exchanged! But he's nice! And he has a nice smile! 

Anyway so they cut a fringe into my hair! Any guesses as to who I will be impersonating?