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Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple Cadburys chocolate pot

I made this for my boyfriend and my family as they all love Cadburys chocolate and it was an absolute hit! This recipe is for a basic chocolate pot but you can easily update it and add your own twist to it as you go.

First you will need:
2 cups of Heavy Cream
4 large eggs
4 small bars of Cadburys Dairymilk chocolate
3 tablespoons of unsalted butter

First, chop up the chocolate. This is a tiring task but it will help the chocolate melt faster and ensure that it is all smooth and creamy.
So first you need to heat the heavy cream in a pot just until it bubbles around the edge.
Remove the pot from the heat and add in the chopped chocolate.
Let it stand for 1 minute then stir till smooth.

In another bowl whisk 4 egg yolks, then add about 1/2 cup of the chocolate mix into the eggs. This will make it easier for the eggs to mix in with the chocolate mix and not turn into chocolate scrambled eggs! .. ew...

Anyway, after adding in the 1/2 cup of the chocolate mix to the egg yolks, whisk again until it is all combined.
Scrape the mix into the pot with the rest of the chocolate cream.
Now this is where you can get creative. If you want you can add in 3 tablespoons of orange juice, or substitute this with some rum or orange liquer or mint liquer anything that will give this simple recipe a kick is in your hands. You can also choose to keep this simple as I did and not add anything.

Then add in the butter and stir till smooth. It's best if you cut up the butter into bits as you did with the chocolate for the same reason, it's easier to melt evenly.

Next poiur into 8 ramekins, I personally don't have ramekins so I used some small teacups, you can also use shot glasses or espresso cups. The main thing is that it is small as the dessert is quite rich.

Put these into the fridge for at least 4 hours to set. So i suggest you should do this and leave to set over night. Having said that, you can do it in the morning and leave until after dinner.

This is such a great simple dessert and I and my family just loved it. So i really hope you love this tasty delight as much as we did. Enjoy!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing creamy pasta

I really love making this pasta, it's so creamy and quick and easy to make. My parents are crazy about this meal and I thought I'd share it with my fellow bloggers.

for the ingredients you will need,
300g of pasta (I like to use penne because I think it just scoops up that sauce like a dream! and you should always use good quality pasta! although simple brands like the Tesco brand still does the trick)
You will need 250g of cream cheese with garlic and herbs (i suggest philadelphia light with garlic and herbs)
You will need one vegetable stock pot ( I really love to use the knorr stock pot here as it adds such a nice vegetable taste to it)
Then all you need is some mushrooms, corgettes, and bacon bits or chicken.

Now I don't really eat vegetables (i know, it's a crime in the cooking world) but I think this dish tastes great with or without the added extras.

So what you wanna do is first cook the pasta according to the package details (boil in boiling water with a little oil for about 10-12 minutes)

While that is cooking you should take a frying pan and start frying up your bacon bits using a bit of oil. You can go ahead and add in the mushrooms and corgettes too but if you're making some for a vegetarian you should just fry up the veggies on their own in a separate pot using a tablespoon of butter.

set the bacon aside in a bowl. Dissolve the stock pot in 500mls of hot water. Add about 200-300mls of the stock once completely dissolved to the same pan you cooked the bacon in.
Spoon in the cream cheese and just let it melt and blend together in the pan on a medium heat. Stir using a wooden spoon or wooden spatula if using a non-stick pan. This is so that you aren't scraping the non-stick ware off the bottom of the pan with metal. Using wooden utensils your non stick pans will last a lot longer.

If it starts to bubble turn off the heat for a while and let it set.

Just before draining your pasta you should reheat the sauce to get it smooth and creamy and after it has been turned off the heat you'll notice it will have thickened a little. If it hasn't you can do two things:
1. dissolve a teaspoon of corn flour in a 1 1/2 a teaspoon of cold water then add to the pan, this will thicken your sauce
2. you can of course if you have more cream cheese in your fridge you can add more of that before you add the veggies and the bacon.

Add in the extras (the veggies and bacon) to the sauce on a low heat and stir. Drain your pasta and add it to the sauce in the pan. You can alternatively dish the pasta first and add the sauce on top.

And there you have it! one of my favourite pasta dishes to make and to eat. hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!