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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jut another day... Another 9pm phone call?? Jimi hendrix calling!

So, I'm in London. Culling and hanging with the family. My poor grandmother has just been to surgery and had a pacemaker fitted and do that was a bit of a roller coaster for her. But she's home now and doing well (after a small blip yesterday when she was taken to hospital by ambulance due to pains!) but she's home and well (pains probably just due to bruising during surgery says doc). But other than that she's doing well and rocking the world at 84! Go nana!!! (she's my idol!) But anyway, on to the blog post! Last night I got a missed call from a number I did not recognise. I only knew it was a Dublin number. So I called back (abandoning the reasoning that if they really want me they will ring me back... I'll never take that risk!)... And it was Armore studios! They want me for two more days as an extra on the Jimi Hendrix film! Yay!!! So of course I accepted and will be fitted on Friday! So there will be more posts soon about the fitting and the work days. May be one or two work days they said, but definitely there will be one!! Woohoo! Which means.. Money for me! Yay! So happy for that! Because being here in London really takes a bite out of your wallet!! So that's really all the news I can offer at the moment! But let me leave you with a few tips!!: 1. Always answer your phone if you can 2. If you miss a phone call and you know the number or they leave a message then always call back! It could be work! Don't assume they will call again! 3. Apparently, Not all work calls will come in during work/ daytime hours, ie, 9-6. Some, apparently come later! This is the second time I've had a phone call after 6pm! The first time was from the lovely Marie Caffrey to offer me the part of Niamh Keegan in Cuckoo! (I just thought I'd throw that tip in as I naturally assumed all job calls would come during the day! So maybe others thought this too! Well! There you go, apparently not.) And 4. This is important. If you are an extra for anything, if you are in the background, try not to have your face seen! I know it's a lovely thing when you can see yourself in a movie, but some companies use the same people if they are pressed for time or in emergencies. So.. They will go through the film and see if your face is seen, if it is, no more work in that movie for you. If not, then you may be called for another days work or two! I know someone who got two weeks on vexed! Different looks and no real head shots. Ka-Ching!!! X So I hope this was interesting and a little helpful! X thanks for reading! Please follow or comment! X Peach out!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally: being an extra on the Jimi hendrix film in dublin part 2

Sooo.. I know this a long time coming! oops! sorry! I went to London this week so I guess my mind was a little preoccupied.

I was called for work at 9.30am which I thought was a reasonable call time considering that normally these things could start very early!

I was sent straight up to the lovely Tamzin and Susan (Tamzin dressed me on my day at Titanic Blood and Steel so it was nice to see a familiar face!) And got fitted in my lovely blue fitted high waisted trousers, orange blouse, black stripy shoes, and a cool navy and orange patent leather rain mac! Gorgeous! So then it was down to hair and make up, which was a simple teasing of the back of my hair, middle parting and some hair spray, and also some foundation, mascara and some brown shadow in the crease of my eye. Just an every day normal chick on the town in the evening in the 60's in London.

Then we had to wait..  and wait.. and yes... wait! It wasn't until 12 o'clock that we were brought to set and given some umbrellas! We were greeted by the AD's and one of them (Richie) had worked on Titanic Blood and Steel too so another familiar face!! (I think you're starting to see this industry is extremely small1!) But the weather was horrible!! Really nasty rain and wind!! Ick!!

so basically the whole day consisted of walking up and down the street past a window of a bookshop, while Andre 3000 and Ruth Negga were inside shooting. I did get to see both stars and said hello to Ruth. (she's so friggin lovely and beautiful!)

Then after a while we were sent to the dining bus for shelter, then brought back and did the same thing! (another extra and I even did a little work as stand ins for Ruth and another very beautiful and young actress with I'm guessing indian heritage! she was gorgeous!)

Then we broke for lunch (fish and chips or a hand burger or veggie curry) Lovely! and some coffee cake afterwards! yum yum!

The day was great and the extras that were inside the book shop got to meet Andre as he shook their hand and said thanks. He seemed very lovely and very genuine.. so I was told! I unfortunately never met him but he was very close to me several times! ha!

It was a great days work and I quite enjoyed it.  I must say that it's such a difference from being Cast and being an Extra. Not that there is anything wrong with being an extra, because I loved it!!!

but the only downside was that the weather was rubbish and the umbrellas just kept up-turning because of the bad wind. 3-4 hours in the rain and wind, but I loved it!

I must say, I think it's more because of the bad weather, but the people on the street were very ill tempered because they just wanted to get indoors! We needed to stop them for a few minutes on either side of the road as we were filming and they didn't look very sixties! With their nokias and haversacks and pikachu umbrellas!! ha! But I think they were more unwilling due to the weather. I'd like to think they aren't always that narky... :)

so yes there you are! thats my day!!

oooh... Audition tomorrow!!! Excited! fingers crossed I hope I get it! xx

Thanks for reading!

Peach out!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jimi Hendrix film in dublin

Hello lovelies! Tomorrow I'm going to be doing a bit of work as an extra in the new jimi Hendrix film that is filming in Dublin! And it's of course, a period film set in the late 60's! So this post will be updated tomorrow or the weekend about my experience and the costume fitting! Yay! So watch this space!! Are any of you readers working as extras at the moment? Any interesting stories? Peach out!