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Friday, September 21, 2012

Self taping an audition

Oh gee... I seriously hate self-taping for an audition because you have time to analyze and stress. The worst thing about self taping an audition is having one day to do it...

I had one day to self tape an audition for a short film because the actual audition was a good while away and I had somewhere to be that night which was extremely important for me. So I got my sides and realized straight away, this is something I can't do on my own. So ensue another dilemma... My boyfriend who is doing media studies is in Wexford, I'm in Dublin... so he's out. My brother had just returned to Wexford the day before.. so he's a nope too.. I couldn't exactly get my grandmother to do it so my last and only option was Dramsoc...

Oh let me tell you there are not a lot of people willing to give up their day to help you. That's a fact!! Luckily I had a good friend in Dramsoc who would read with me and hold the camera... but only after 6pm... My audition needed to be done and uploaded by the next morning at the latest.

So fine, it was the best I could hope for. But doing a scene is so hard when you self tape because you can't just relax. You're gonna do the scene, then watch the play back then do it again and again.. it's really time consuming! and Then you feel bad for taking up other's time.  But I got it done after about 4 hours... (4 scenes in total) and I uploaded and sent it off.

I would totally prefer to go to the audition but sometimes that's just not possible.

My only advice so far is so find a very well lit room and use a good camera. If you need to hire a studio for an hour or two then you should do it, if you get the part it could be worth it. I'm not sure about filming it in the context that the script states, e.g., if it's a kitchen scene, film it in the kitchen. I will ask a few casting directors about this and see what they come back to me with.

Have you ever self-taped? any advice?

Peach out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

what to do in an audition (from experience from audtioning in ireland)

So I thought I'd start making more of these posts that a lot of people want to know about. so if anyone has any questions they'd like answered please tweet me @appeleyes2 and I'll put up a post or I will reply to your tweet with the answers.

So let's begin with, what to do in an audition and in this post I will include the preparation and the actual audition.

Scenario 1:
Ok, so lets presume you were asked to attend an audition, and lets presume they have asked you to prepare a monologue:

Find a monologue that suits your age and your characteristics. So if you're more into comedy do something funny. And likewise if you think dramatic monologues are more comfortable for you to perform then choose a dramatic one.

There are plenty of male monologues out there, and there is loads of ones for women too. Males I'd suggest anything from Shakespeare's plays (likewise women) but also some good monologues can be found in Howie the Rookie and Terminus (Mark O'Rowe-irish actors), also there's Enda Walsh's Disco Pigs and Conor McPherson's Rum and Vodka.

Women there are two characters in Terminus (Mark O'Rowe) a young(B) and older character (A). Also there are good monologues in Brian Friel's Faith Healer. But I'd definitley recommend Sarah Kane's works (mostly 4.48 psychosis) and also Caryl Churchill. She rights brilliantly for female actors. and Billy Roche too writes amazing female roles.

Those are just a few suggestions.

Then read the monologue and learn it off.

Do it in the mirror. 100 times. or a 1000 times. however long it takes until you stop acting and actually start being the character.

The most important thing I can offer here is to learn your lines. Know your character. Read the whole play. This will help greatly!!!

Your audition starts when you walk in the door. Be confident. Find something in your character that you can identify with and so you will be that character. The director/casting director will introduce themselves then they will chat a bit and then they will ask you to start in your own time.

Do it. Do it with confidence. Do it with Style.

and then they will thank you. and you will leave. that is the end of your audition!!

Good luck!!

Scenario two: Getting sides from the script.

if you have an agent they will no doubt have sent you sides (pieces of the script with your character's lines on it for the audition).

learn your lines! always always learn your lines!!!!

Then it's pretty much the same as above. Practice loads and do it with confidence!

90% of auditions you will go on will reject you. For not being the right height, weight, body type, hair colour, eye color, anything at all!!!

This game is all about rejection. The best thing to do is to stay positive, relax and enjoy your experience. Try feel good after your audition and put it to the back of your mind, maybe even treat yourself afterwards! I find this helps loads! get yourself a lil desert or ice cream or whatever you want. you've earned it after all that work!!

Best of luck!!!!!

Peach out!