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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So yesterday my friend and I were out in Dublin, looking for a nice place to eat. We sort of stumbled across JUICE on George's street near Temple Bar. JUICE is a vegetarian restaurant (we didn't know that until we went in and sat down to look at the menu) I don't eat vegetables so I was apprehensive but I found that I enjoyed myself.

JUICE were offering an early bird three course menu for 15.50 so we thought that was a great idea. The place is cosy and not over crowded. Service was extremely quick and well worth going in. The had a very wide variety of starters but if you're like me and prefer to not eat before a main, they also have a choice of drinks as a "starter" which is really handy for someone like me. However if you are someone who enjoys a starter of soup or bruschetta (just two examples) then you'd have to pay extra for a drink or glass of wine. I got the sparkling drink, in lime crush and it was really nice, but extremely strong. So if you're only after a small essence of lime, that's not the drink for you. I loved it however and it seemed barely five minutes before we got our main. We had the pasta with their sauce of the day Tomato and Basil. It also came with a few mushrooms, onions and courgettes and broccoli, but since I don't eat any vegetables (I know!! shame!) I only ate the pasta and sauce. It was really lovely, the pasta was al dente and the sauce was so lovely and creamy and it came with parmesan cheese on top which just melted in my mouth. It was truly wonderful.

Desert. I'm a huge desert fan so I was looking forward to this. The menu was hard to choose from with things like, lemon and lime tart, chocolate and hazelnut torte, ice cream and tiramisu. In the end I decided on the fruit crumble which consisted of plum, pear and apple. It was served hot with cream. But the crumble wasn't ordinary crumble and I was a little disappointed in that. However, in saying that, their crumble was oats and some sunflower seeds (I think) and it was quite nice. However they could have served a little more cream as their version of crumble was very stodgy (it's oats after all) and sticky and I would have liked just that little but more cream.

My friend ordered the tiramisu. Being a fan of the desert he couldn't wait to try it. Instead he got a slice of what looked and tasted like Aldi tiramisu. He didn't mind as he quite likes the Aldi product but I think that's a bit skimpy. It's very like the Chinese Buffet King in dundrum, but i'll address that in another post.

over all our experience was lovely and because we're both students it was great to have somewhere to eat that wasn't too overly expensive. Our search continues however for high class food and lower cost prices!

Until next time,

Happy dining!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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great place to eat in dublin

The Mongolian Barbecue!!

If you haven't already been, then go! Its wonderful. It's located in Temple Bar just off Dame street. This is the ideal place to eat, as it's good food at a great price. I usually go for the lunch buffet which is only 5 euro and covers one trip to their buffet. The idea here is that you create your own dish. You get a bowl and choose your vegetables and then pick yourself up a bowl of meat of your choice; beef, chicken, pork or seafood. Then you head over to the spice section where you can spice both bowls with a variety of spices, I like really spicy food so I normally choose a little bit of chinese 5 spice, cayenne pepper and chilli powder. Now don't overload the spoon with the spice, you only want about a quarter of the spoon of the spice. Then take your bowls over to the sauce section, I usually get the chicken so the sauce I have with it is either BBQ or honey and ginger. I'm not the greatest lover of vegetables so I only just get their noodles and kidney beans.

Once you're done with the spices and the sauce, you take your bowls over to a man who cooks it all for you on a large flat hot iron circle. It's amazing. The chicken soaks in the honey sauce really well but you don't taste honey you just get the sweetness of it against the heat of the chilli and the kidney beans and noodles give a soft texture to contrast the heat of the dish. You also get a free bowl of rice with your meal.

It's a fantatic place to eat and I'm so glad I discovered this little gem! Enjoy!!

Here is the link to their website!