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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

great place to eat in dublin

The Mongolian Barbecue!!

If you haven't already been, then go! Its wonderful. It's located in Temple Bar just off Dame street. This is the ideal place to eat, as it's good food at a great price. I usually go for the lunch buffet which is only 5 euro and covers one trip to their buffet. The idea here is that you create your own dish. You get a bowl and choose your vegetables and then pick yourself up a bowl of meat of your choice; beef, chicken, pork or seafood. Then you head over to the spice section where you can spice both bowls with a variety of spices, I like really spicy food so I normally choose a little bit of chinese 5 spice, cayenne pepper and chilli powder. Now don't overload the spoon with the spice, you only want about a quarter of the spoon of the spice. Then take your bowls over to the sauce section, I usually get the chicken so the sauce I have with it is either BBQ or honey and ginger. I'm not the greatest lover of vegetables so I only just get their noodles and kidney beans.

Once you're done with the spices and the sauce, you take your bowls over to a man who cooks it all for you on a large flat hot iron circle. It's amazing. The chicken soaks in the honey sauce really well but you don't taste honey you just get the sweetness of it against the heat of the chilli and the kidney beans and noodles give a soft texture to contrast the heat of the dish. You also get a free bowl of rice with your meal.

It's a fantatic place to eat and I'm so glad I discovered this little gem! Enjoy!!

Here is the link to their website!


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