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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey all!! a beauty review!

So I'm finally going to start doing some beauty and fashion reviews on here, because I think an actor should always look their best, whether going for an audition or just hanging out! My blog will, in the future, feature some great styles inspired by TV shows I'm currently loving or movies that inspire me!! I think the most important feature about you as an actor, is your skin. So today I'm reviewing skin products which may help you achieve better looking and feeling skin.

But today is not that day! Today I will be reviewing the face cleaning products I was given for christmas that I haven't really used properly until now! so here they are!

The Avene face routine!!!

Ok so! here are my views on this set that I received from my lovely aunt for christmas!


This is the first product on the left. I love it! You spray it on your face and leave for a minute, then pat dry. The mist is pure thermal water so it really is soothing. It isn't only for your face either! I shaved my legs a couple of days ago and whatever soap or razor I had used really irritated the skin on my legs. I simply sprayed a little of the mist on to them and within ten minutes I found my irritation had calmed way down!!! Instantly after spraying though because it's a mist and it's cold you are soothed due to the moisture and temperature of the spray. It just took about ten minutes for my irritation to calm down.
I would definitely rate the mist at a 4/5.


 I love the cleanser as it is really gentle! At first I was not so sure about it as it felt a little heavy when I put it on my face! but nope! i was wrong! the Cleanser is so easy to put on and feels silky and soothing.

For any of you that don't know, Avene is a french brand that incorporates the us of avene thermal spring water for the use on sensitive and irritated skins. That is why I find the cleanser so soothing! The cleanser rids me of nearly all my makeup (sometimes I have very stubborn mascara!) and makes my skin feel very smooth and clean.  I would definitely rate this cleanser a 4/5. 

Extremely rich compensating cream.

The 'rich compensating cream' however, I am not fond of. It feels very thick on my skin (which is mostly dry) but even on my dry skin the cream made me break out the first time I used it, as it just felt heavy and blocked my pores. I do use this cream sometimes but only on occasions when my skin is scarily dry and flakey and I use it sparingly. 
So this cream only gets a 2/5.

Overall I think I'd have to give this set a 3.5/5. The cream is too heavy and at first so was the cleanser. Now I find myself using the cleanser more and more, and I'm in love with the mist spray. 

Does anyone else have these products? what do you think? x

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hey guys! so Easter was yesterday and I hope you all had a fabulous yummy chocolate filled day thing with like prayer and religion and stuff...


ok! so I thought I'd show you guys some of the lovely things I got for easter! (YAY) so here are some yummy treats that filled my day and made me like three times the size I was on saturday!

Ok so My mother came back from London where she was visiting my aunt and grandmother and she brought me back lovely scrumptious fat goods to make me fat and stuff for easter!

Here it is! on the left we have a lovely white chic flower with milk chocolate and smartie type thing in the middle, then we have (my personal favorite) Roly's Fudge (walnut and maple flavor!.. oh god... so good...  just wanna.. aghhhhhhhshgdhgifgowehffh!) .. sorry I digress.. and then we have milk chocolate bunnies with "guess how much I love you on the top" cuteness!! x

PS I ate all that fudge yesterday!! ALL OF IT!!.. and it was SSSOOOO GOOD!!!!

Next we have a small host of little South African treats that my mother brought me back from the SA shop in Crawley.. i think it's in Crawley.. might not be...hmm...

Anyway! we've got some Beacon mallow eggs and a Cadbury's chomp! nom nom nom!!

And finally we have the Segsational..... (PUN!) Terry's chocolate Orange Segsations. Nom! My boyfriend and I got this for ourselves as we weren't gonna buy each other eggs and stuff, but seeing as we both like Terry's chocolates, this seemed like a win win situation right there.

They had dark chocolate, toffee crunch, normal, crispy crunch and a popping candy one! nom! all were very delicious!

So Those are just a few of my lovely little items I received yesterday! I have a few others including haribo and a giant nestle egg sitting here, awaiting the day that they will be eaten!! but for now, I've had my fill of chocolate and will probably be off chocolate for the next while...

In the meantime I'm going to work out and try and not be fat after all the chocolate consumption! ... god... with every bite my Jillian Micheal's DVD cried a little.. then it looked at me with a smirk and said "Oooh.. you're gonna pay for that"...



So what did everyone else do for the lovely easter weekend? Eat lovely chocolate? Meet giant bunnies with large oversized chocolate eggs that are just illogical and impractical??! xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spartacus Vengence Season Finale


With amazing writers and amazing actors, Sparatcus Vengence never seems to fail. Although admittedly some of the episodes in the series were, lets say just lacking something, I still loved the series! Of course it is always hard to come back from something such as the loss of an amazing actor Andy Whitfield, while there are still seasons to shoot. However I think Liam McIntyre did a good job trying to keep the essence of Sparatcus and Whitfield alive. 

The romans are by far my favorite character I think, especially Lucy Lawless' Lucretia and Viva Bianca's Ilithyia. The two women do nothing but plot and spew venom that is so ghastly and awful, we just love to hate them! Lucy Lawless has an amazing presence on screen and shows nothing but power and grace. The power relation between the two women change from time to time depending on how much leverage one hold above the other. 

In the season finale however, leverages seem broken and Lawless comes through with her character's true intentions!!! Amazing! 

I can totally understand all the hype about Spartacus and it's epic battles and plot lines. Most say it's nothing but soft core porn and blood effects... this is not entirely false, but they do it incredibly well. they are trying to display an image of sexuality  that was the roman way, where there was no sensitivity about sex and who it was with. The plot is the overall winner however, as though you can have as many sex scenes and gore scenes (sometimes at the same time! or consecutively!) the plot will always change emotions and heighten your experience! 

Out of the three series my favorite most probably would have had to be Gods of the Arena, because the plot line is thicker and more venomous! I did love Andy Whitfield as Spartacus in the first two seasons so it was harder for me to watch vengeance without him and without concentrating on the fact that, in my mind, this is not 'Spartacus'. Like I said though, McIntyre does his very best and I don't think any one else could have replaced Whitfield as successfully. 

The other change of actor in this series was that of the character Naevia. Orignally played by the stunning Lesley-Ann Brandt, she was replaced by Cynthia Addai-Robinson... which I think left much to be desired. I effectively hated every scene she was in. She didn't look right for the part, she didn't act well enough to compete with the others and so I am sorry to say that for me, that was an extremely bad choice to make. It's not that I hate the actor, please don't assume that, I'm sure she's great, but as Naevia she really didn't fit for me and the other actors (especially the females) seemed to stand apart from her. So unfortunately losing two actors in this series puts it as my least favorite on my list. 

What did you guys think of Spartacus? Like it? Love it? Hate it? x

Andy Whitfield R.I.P