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Monday, April 9, 2012


Hey guys! so Easter was yesterday and I hope you all had a fabulous yummy chocolate filled day thing with like prayer and religion and stuff...


ok! so I thought I'd show you guys some of the lovely things I got for easter! (YAY) so here are some yummy treats that filled my day and made me like three times the size I was on saturday!

Ok so My mother came back from London where she was visiting my aunt and grandmother and she brought me back lovely scrumptious fat goods to make me fat and stuff for easter!

Here it is! on the left we have a lovely white chic flower with milk chocolate and smartie type thing in the middle, then we have (my personal favorite) Roly's Fudge (walnut and maple flavor!.. oh god... so good...  just wanna.. aghhhhhhhshgdhgifgowehffh!) .. sorry I digress.. and then we have milk chocolate bunnies with "guess how much I love you on the top" cuteness!! x

PS I ate all that fudge yesterday!! ALL OF IT!!.. and it was SSSOOOO GOOD!!!!

Next we have a small host of little South African treats that my mother brought me back from the SA shop in Crawley.. i think it's in Crawley.. might not be...hmm...

Anyway! we've got some Beacon mallow eggs and a Cadbury's chomp! nom nom nom!!

And finally we have the Segsational..... (PUN!) Terry's chocolate Orange Segsations. Nom! My boyfriend and I got this for ourselves as we weren't gonna buy each other eggs and stuff, but seeing as we both like Terry's chocolates, this seemed like a win win situation right there.

They had dark chocolate, toffee crunch, normal, crispy crunch and a popping candy one! nom! all were very delicious!

So Those are just a few of my lovely little items I received yesterday! I have a few others including haribo and a giant nestle egg sitting here, awaiting the day that they will be eaten!! but for now, I've had my fill of chocolate and will probably be off chocolate for the next while...

In the meantime I'm going to work out and try and not be fat after all the chocolate consumption! ... god... with every bite my Jillian Micheal's DVD cried a little.. then it looked at me with a smirk and said "Oooh.. you're gonna pay for that"...



So what did everyone else do for the lovely easter weekend? Eat lovely chocolate? Meet giant bunnies with large oversized chocolate eggs that are just illogical and impractical??! xx

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