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Friday, July 20, 2012

can you be an actor with tattoos?

Ok so I thought I'd share my thoughts on actors with tattoos as my brother is trying to be an actor (much like myself! What can I say, twin see twin do) and he's got a large tattoo that covers some of his upper left chest and his shoulder down to his elbow. So it's kind of half a sleeve. Now don't get me wrong the tattoo is pretty cool and I actually really like it. But does this affect his chances as an actor?

In short yes. But if the movie is modern enough then no not really. I think the acting business seems more lenient to tattoos nowadays and it doesn't seem to be a problem. The only time it would be a real problem would be in period films.

Now in ireland unfortunately the only things (well mostly) that are filming at the minute are period pieces such as Vikings and Game of Thrones. But tattoos are easily covered with clothing, and if it comes down to it, there's always make up. I've heard it could take hours to cover it up but I think that if you're the right actor for the part then of course they won't hesitate to hire you and sort the tattoos out later.

Are any of you actors with tattoos? have you come across many problems?


if you're looking for a good make up product to cover tattoos check this out. you can always say this to the director who is casting you, that you would have your own products to cover it.


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  1. I think you have a really level-headed perception, I think the only challenge is getting established enough that casting directors will know your work and not dismiss you based on the tattoos if all they have to go on is a first interaction (and seeing the tattoos)

  2. I have asked Amy Hubbard and being a part of one of the biggest casting family in the UK she said if you're right for the part and the budget will allow for the make up then it's fine and they will cover them no problem.

  3. Thank you for sharing the YouTube video. I might have to try this stuff! I hope that what you are saying is correct because I am just starting out, and I have two tattoos. Sometimes I feel discourage by the fact that I may get passed up because of them. Your thoughts are encouraging!

  4. no problem! don't get discouraged, if you're right for the part and can cover them up, then there shouldn't be a problem in becoming an actor! good luck! :)

  5. Yes you can be an actor with tattoos :) I just cover mine up and never show until I'm asked or if it comes up later. The most important thing is first displaying your acting skills and who you are as a person and it won't be much of an issue. The make up thing is easy as well plenty of videos online and you can even take in some stuff to auditions and show them how easily covered they are.

  6. agreed with Anonymous! Just show your acting skills and that will surpass any tattoo issues!