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Sunday, July 1, 2012

CUTTING to the chase.. Jimi hendrix film

So my fitting was more than a fitting!!! They fit me in a fabulous mini dress but the big shock was when I was carted around to find the producer and the hair stylist to decide if I was a good match to play a special extra. So I'd have no lines but I'd play a person who is a real person! So I had to look right! And apparently I do look like her! So they cut it!  

As I was being shown around trying to find the producer I was brought on set and was able to watch Andre do a couple of takes of a scene! Exciting! And then he smiled at me and I smiled back! And later on he would sit beside me as I got my hair cut and he got his restyled for a different scene! So that was cool! It was only for like two mins tho so no words were exchanged! But he's nice! And he has a nice smile! 

Anyway so they cut a fringe into my hair! Any guesses as to who I will be impersonating? 

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