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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Costume fitting!!!

Ok so wow, I went for my first costume fitting today! It was fantastic! As you know i've a small part in the Titanic series, and I went for the fitting today. Anyways, I'm just repeating myself, So I went into the production house at half 4.

I was introduced to the producer and had to fill out a health form... oh how exciting.... after that though I had to wait a while whilst someone else was getting fitted. And I couldn't help but gawp at the large wall of black and white headshots! I found mine as soon as I stared at the wall for more than 5 mins! also there was my ex-cast member Anthony Morris, so it was lovely to see a familiar face, even if it was only a photograph. Also I found Karl Shiel's photo soon enough. Also there was Derek Jacobi, Kevin Zegers Neeve Campbell and Chris Noth!!!! wowzers! To see my face on the same cast list as those big names is so fabulous!! YAY!!

Shortly afterwards I was introduced to the costume designer, a fabulous Italian, and from what I've seen, has an amazing gift for costume!! When I was finally being fitted by the costume assistant, I could hardly contain my excitement!! I was put into a corset!! then fabulous shoes, black leather lace up!! nom!!

Then An AMAZING dress!! AMAZING! It was long and navy and pleated. Absolutely beautiful detail. No one else was able to fit into this dress and they really wanted it in the production! Luckily I managed to just squeeze into it!! Only just! The corset will be a little tighter (and I thought it was bad already!!) So excited for my lil scene!! I'll be working with Kevin Zegers and Billy Carter on wednesday!! Can't wait!!

I'll let you know more about the filming on the day! my tip for going to a fitting is where tights it's just less embarrassing! xx
Anyways that is all for now!!

Stay tuned for more!

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