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Thursday, November 3, 2011


So today was the third night of Riders To The Sea. The first two nights were great! I loved it! I felt so engaged... but tonight I just felt.. well shite. I couldn't cry. I know that sounds a bit shit, but it was if i knew the audience were there where as before I paid no attention to them. It was super hard to concentrate and my father and brother were in the audience tonight. I just felt judged, throughout the whole play. And it made me feel utter shit!!

So my plan is to get a very good sleep tonight!! And tomorrow I'm heading in to the improv audition for the college team!! So I am very excited about that and I think it'll give me the break i need! And then I'm going to be filming a little scene or two and I'll be posting it  here and on youtube soon enough! Hopefully by sat! or sunday! going to get the ole boyfriend to help me edit them!!

My friends have also been such an inspiration to me and I think I'll give singing on youtube a go!! Acting first tho eh? concentrate on one thing at a time! I can't wait to get this showreel done and sent to my agent and get me some more work!! HA!

Onward and upward, isn't that what they say? So no more being shite!! I just have to concentrate and get in the zone. Before the show there is a soundtrack of waves and wind. It is so nice to just sit in character for a while, and hear the wind and sea as if I were really on the Aran Islands.

What I find is really helpful before the show is to go off on my own and just sit in character. Think in character. I imagine the small cottage, and I imagine sitting on the edge of a cliff, with a pail of some kind next to me, and feeling the wind on my face and the sea spray in my hair. It is so calming and its also quite depressing though so i wouldn't do this for too long! But I find that if you're about to go on and you can't focus, just take 20mins or so to yourself, and imagine your character in thought, and maybe even go through a day in the life of their character. imagine waking up in the morning as your character, obviously, what do they see, what do they think about when they wake up? It's really interesting to think in this way, I have never thought in character before and I find it exhilarating because it just gives you more depth!!

so I think thats all now, Oh I got a note on diction from last night, so before the show when we were running through lines, just really really enunciate every syllable because it does help when you're on stage later, you don't realize it but your brian really pronounces the words later on when you're doing it for real.

So um.. thats all my little tid-bits for you...

See ya guys!


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