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Monday, November 28, 2011


So Titanic ran got day and it turns out i'm working on wednesday instead! So There won't be a post tomorrow night but hopefully there will be on wednesday night! yay!

I was supposed to work tomorrow and I cancelled my driving test and all but I guess thats the way it goes in showbiz, it's never a set timeframe!

So.. my driving test is rebooked, thank god, probably would have failed anyway and hopefully I'll be getting a call about Cookoo which I auditioned for on sat! Gosh, To be honest I'm not sure how that went.  I think I kept looking down a lot, which I know is a no-no when auditioning for film. and you know I believe I could have been a little more upset during one of the scenes.. So I've been kinda kicking myself for that! sake!

Oh also,  I begin my lil normal job in Penneys in Wexford next monday and once I start getting money in I'm going to work on getting definite Audition Outfits!

So when I do get around to getting audition outfits then I'll post them here and probably do a little vlog..

Also thinking about doing a monologue from Mean Girls in the spirit of Dramsoc this year as we're having a Mean Girls night on Wednesday evening.. if i'm done working on Titanic that is! but what do you guys think?

I want to know your opinion so feel free to comment below!!

Thanks guys!

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