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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pretentious people

Everyone knows someone who is a little pretentious, who is just that little bit of an ego-head. Well in the world of theatre, they're everywhere!! And it's just so upsetting to meet those people, because underneath all the pretentious wank that they put on, they are probably really nice people. They just need to let go of all their paranoia about the world and to stop trying to put on a show! Performing on stage and on screen is totally different to performing in everyday life, and some people should just really give it up.

Why do you pretend to be someone you are not? It's so strange. I read a quote recently that said you could make more many friends in 2 days by being interested in other people, than  you would in two years by trying to make other people interested in you. So guys give up the act. People can and will like you for who you really are.

And also, I've noticed lately in the world of drama, there are a lot of men, who are, lets put it this way, 'up for some'. Fair enough, the men I seem to be associating with these days are in the ages of 17-25. However, let me give you a quick lesson in girls and their 'sensitivities'.

What women want to hear:
You look beautiful today

What women don't want to hear:
You look hot today. Seriously. I mean wow. Like so hot. Wanna do some stuff?...go somewhere maybe?

So what did we learn here? Right both begin the same way. But it ends after a compliment. Yeah? Get me? Just shut up. When you say 'you look beautiful' we blush and smile and think, 'aw that's so sweet'. when you go on about it, we think 'ok, shut up already...perve i'm not your prize'.

(slightly femist post i've noticed... seem to be in that mood)

Just things like that. They are probably really bad examples. But come one guys, I for one don't like the sex comments. And when I say I've got a boyfriend, that doesn't mean, 'ah sure it's a bit of a challenge'. It means, I'm in love and obviously not interested. I hate when men, especially touchy guys who think they're all that and a bag of tayto try it on with you, touch ya and make sly remarks about sex and appearance... like really? Piss off... Have a little feckin charm at least!

Arg! Ok sorry that was a bit of a feministic rant right there, but come one girls? Am I right? Its one thing to be complimented and it's another thing to be perved on.

Anyway I'll leave my lil rant here. Again sorry, but,... kinda not..

Anyone agree??


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