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Sunday, November 13, 2011

To refilm or not to refilm... That Is the question

Hello! So yesterday i spent the day filming with my boyfriend, a small Irish monologue for my showreel. It was from the play I had done professionally. Then as we were walking home from the filming I realised that I had said part of the monologue wrong! Shit! So I'll probably have up film it again!... Or will I? What do you think? Because its an amateur showreel could I maybe put 'adaptation of an extract from "lay me down Softly" by billy Roche? Do you think I could go that? Instead of going back and refilming? Because yesterday the light was perfect and we got some really lovely shots for my monologue... I'm going to call billy today and see if I'm allowed to use the extract from his script... I'm so worried he'll say no, but I'm sure it'll be fine! Tomorrow I'm filming some more stuff in Dublin in my friends apartment for my showreel. See if I have to refilm my Irish monologue then I'll have to do it next weekend... Sake. Anyway enough of that. I had a great time filming and I think I'll use my boyfriend more often as he has a great eye for detail and he's an artist and do naturally is very artistic!! We filmed using my iPhone4s. The clip will be added to my YouTube when it's fully edited. Ps I hope you enjoyed my girl interrupted speech! I thought I might as well have something up on YouTube. I'll have more clips up soon enough! Xx Thanks for reading . If you have any advice for my predicament please comment below, or of you have any general advice about an amateur showreel please help!! Much appreciated!! Peach out!

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