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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

first improv pre-team lesson

So I've discovered that the improv team has not been finalized and instead we are all just on extended auditions. And I had my first class today! so inspiring!

There were only a few of us, 7 when it began and then it broke to like 5 including the host. Our host is amazing! I learnt so much today.

we played a rhyming warm up game which helps to break the ice and release you're inner funny. so that was fun, didn't really learn anything there as there isn't a technique to that.

We tried to focus today on Character and Objective in improv. There are rules to improv that can be summed up as follows, C. R. O. W. (E).

C--- character
R--- Relationship
O--- Objective
W--- Where (where are you?)
(E)--- Silent E, Emotion

Today we were working on character. Our host advised us that if we are unsure of character to be on stage as we are about to walk on, 'follow your foot' just go with it. Try think of someone you hate or someone who is completely opposite to you. Or even if you go on as yourself and can't think of a character, go on as yourself but give yourself an adjective, like confused or excited or rushed...

just go on with a really great statement. so there is no question about character or objective or where you know? So something like "Mom I don't want to go to the zoo today it's raining, and it's china all they have are pandas" So in that sentence there is sooo much to work with, the other person can now have no doubt about who they are or where they are.

Again, always accept what you're given, don't deny it or say something like "who you calling mom? I'm your sister?" you know what I mean? No questions and don't just bat someone down.

Also we played a few games that I'm totally shit at! So rap games and a game where the objective was to legitimize taking the other person's hat. I was totally rubbish at them, but I accepted that I was rubbish at them and then I went with just being really really awfully bad at it. Because I just went with it, and if you commit to it whole heartedly then something funny will come out.

Also I learnt that you should build and build on a scene, such as " You didn't do you're homework... you can't go outside..." that would turn into something like "alright listen you can go outside only if you take this umbrella with you, the plant had a meltdown and so acid is spewing like rain" Or something along those lines, you can't just go from somewhere straight to crazy town because then you're just trying to be funny, let the scene develop and accept what you're given.

Also It's not enough to just say yes and accept it. Sometimes it is, but you should always say Yes And... so add to the scene build with your partners.

Um.. thats all for now! I should probably go do my readings for tomorrow and for my essays! oh joy!

Hope this post was of some interest/help!!

Really quick ending actually, there was no sort of summing up or winding down there... strange.

Ok bye!!

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