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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I got Cast!!... as Another One liner!!

Woohoo!! Lets hear it for ME! ok no seriously though, since my one line ("Message for you sir") on Titanic Blood and Steel, I have not had a day to top that experience on a professional set. There is something so amazing about being on set and being a minor cast member! (sooo looking forward to the day where I'll become a primary cast member but hey-ho! one step at a time!)

So today I got news from my agent that an offer of a one-line part has been made to me for a tv series that will air on the history channel!! So friggin excited! and I'll take some pics (if i can) and then put them up here once the series has aired and everything is no longer a big copy-right issue.

So excited! How did I get this you ask? Through my agent! A while ago, I was asked to submit an online audition for two minor roles in the series and I hadn't heard back from them in a while! Ah! So naturally I was sad and doubted myself, but overall got over it and realised it wasn't for me!

This is exactly the same as what happened for Titanic Blood and Steel, I auditioned for a role, didn't get it and then some time later got called on for a one-line part!

So now I know that I can at least be trusted to deliver a line! woohoo!! so excited!

Believe in yourself, and always do your best! Because the casting directors will remember you! xxx

Peach out! x

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