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Thursday, July 11, 2013


So as you know I got cast as a minor role, and it was on the history channel television series called Vikings!

And as you will obviously know, I can't say anything about what we shot or the characters or any plot give aways! However, I will tell you that is was possibly the greatest day and a half of my career!

On tuesday, I got picked up for my costume fitting and then I got brought down to the set to see the hair and make up teams to assess what they were going to do for Wednesday's shoot! x

And it was amazing! I was just visiting the set, but it was soooo beautiful! It was really gorgeous and so surreal after watching the first season and now to be on the set! It was just crazy!

I got to meet all the lovely mains and I got on extremely well I think. Everyone on set was so so nice, and when we were shooting on Wednesday everyone was superb! The cast and crew were so lovely to work with! I can tell you honestly, that I think Nathan, who plays Bjorn, is going to have an amazing career ahead of him! And that Jessalyn, who plays Siggy, is possibly one the nicest and most talented people I have ever met! Katheryn, Clive, Jefferson and Travis were all really lovely too! And I am so grateful that I had the pleasure of meeting them and working with them.

It was an amazing day, and so funny really, as we were all in heavy clothing on the hottest days of the year! (as we were supposed to be in Scandinavia in winter).

It was truly remarkable and I loved every single second of it! I didn't want it to end!!!  A long day, as I was collected at 6am and we finished at 6pm approx... but I was dreading the call of 'thats a wrap'...

Hopefully somewhere along the line I could get called back!

Thank you for reading!

Peach out!


  1. Congrats! How much notice did you get when you were cast? I did a self tape last week and worried that if I get a part they will give me a day or two notice and I won't get time off my job or something :-(

  2. Thanks! I was given tonnes of notice so don't worry! It must have been something like 2 weeks at least! Best of luck! Amazing experience

  3. Hey, long time lurker here. Just wondering if you have any updates?