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Thursday, January 12, 2012

'Game of Thrones' and nudity

So recently I've been watching 'Game of Thrones' and before that I was a MASSIVE fan of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' and also 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena'.

These shows are incredible! Especially the Spartacus series, the acting is amazing and so is the plot, the visual effects and the dialogue. Epic isn't the word. Therefore I was a little taken aback by Game of Thrones, also HBO, but it is quite a lot different than Spartacus. I felt a little uneasy about the series in the beginning, partly because of the nudity. But then again I loved Spartacus which contains a lot of graphic scenes, however in Game of Thrones, the nudity was more... um.. raw I guess... It had more of a barbaric feel to it rather than the fantasy feel Spartacus had. But in Game of Thrones we aren't dealing with ancient  Rome, which is a romantic concept in itself, we are dealing with the Middle Ages in Westeros and Easteros.. it was just interesting.

However, the point of this blog is to discuss nudity. Recently and Irish actress left the set of 'Game of Thrones' because she was asked to undress. This is respectable to me, and I really admire her courage and sticking to her guns, because she claimed when she was given the part she was promised skin clothes for her breasts, but as she approached the set the director asked her to take her top off. She left, head held high and I respect her for it... HOWEVER, she should have researched that role a lot more before she took the part, she had no previous knowledge of the series or of HBO shows in general, which is partly her fault and in that detail, she loses me really. The show has a lot of sex and prostitutes and just very graphic sex scenes and actions, so I think if you got offered a role, she should have researched that more.

So lesson learned? Research your roles! If you get an audition, don't go in not knowing what you're dealing with! Always research and get to know what kind of direction you'll be dealing with and what kind of show you're going to potentially be a part of. Research the director and see what kind of work he/she does and prefers, this will definitely help you pick parts.

Me, personally I really don't have a problem with nudity, but primarily only upper body. And only if it's tastefully done. I'm not saying that the 'Game of Thrones' has tasteless nudity because that's not true, it's just very raw for my taste, so provided I wouldn't have to do full body nudity, I don't know if I'd have that much of a problem. Someone told me recently that unfortunately nudity is something expected nowadays in young aspiring actresses. I don't agree with that statement because I think that it is more the style of television today that is exploring the body but it's not expected from young actors, it's put to them, but they can turn it down. It's not as if you can't or won't get jobs because you don't want to act nude.  What are your opinions on this? Nudity in today's acting world? Would you do it?

Thats it for now, but lots more to come as the year unfolds.. one week at a time..


Ps: Love the 'Game of Thrones' and 'Spartacus' series! Cannot wait for the new ones to begin!!!

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