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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo!

Film of the month!!! Wow! Ok so I have just even to the cinema to see 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and I thought I had to blog about this before I forget how I feel! I have read the book beforehand and I have not yet seen the Swedish version of the film, and so here are my thoughts so far. The book was better, naturally. The film was consice and well made. But the best thing about that film visually was the opening credits! They had this crazy lil opening like a James bond film with flash images and oil and black and it was just epic! The film was well directed however, the sex scenes were a little graphic and unnecessary. I don't want to sound like one of those people who just don't like sex on screen but I think that was definitely verging on soft core porn and it wasn't neccessary to the plot, it could have been shot and edited in a different, less graphic style. And of course I have to mention the main inspiration for this post! Rooney Mara!!!!!! Holy crap that woman is definitely one of the best actresses I've seen in ages!! She'll go far and honestly deserves an oscar really... I just love her! She's definitely true to the book! 100% Lisbeth Salander! Amazing! Daniel Craig is great too of course, but Rooney's portrayal is amazing! Love her and I'll definitely be following her career! The other thing I want to mention is the accents. Inconsistent but I do find that movies definitely seem to be moving in that direction, where the script and plot are more important than the accents. Daniel Craig has an english accent and Stellan Skarsgard has a slight American accent and the rest use a Swedish accent. It didn't really matter to me to Be honest but it dies carry with it an jnconsistency in the film. The film was very good. Consice and some detail was left out, but that is obviously understandable and I don't think anything was drastically changed except Spoiler Alert!!!!! Look away now if you have not seen or read the book!!!!! ((actually I. Will post the spoiler thought at the end so those of you you haven't read it or seen the film yet don't have to cheat your eyes) So the movie in my view is a successful portrayal of the book! And Rooney Mara is awesome!!!! X definitely my pick for my movie of the month! Go see it!

 Peach out!!!

 !!!!!!Spoiler thought!!!!!! The only thing drastically changed is Harriet banger is not in Australia. No mention of the ranch or business she runs down there. Go see it peeps! It is worth your while!

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