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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

working out and twitter

I have just finished working out because as part of my new year career plan, I've got to get my body in shape! Because honestly I just feel better when I like the look of myself you know? and I feel sexier and more confident! Also I think having your body in top condition in this industry is a necessity unfortunately, so I plan to work out, very hard to get the body I want.

The workout I do is at home (for the moment, before college starts where I will either join a sports club or the gym) is Jillian Michaels "30 day shred" I do this because the exercises are 20 mins and so they're fast and easy to fit into my day! I bought the DVD through amazon.co.uk for about 7 euro and the reason for this is because I used to watch The Biggest Loser and the woman gets results! she's not playing around! 

It'll take a little bit of time to get me in tip-top shape but I really don't mind. I quite like doing it, it's just the moment before doing it I hate, the moment you decide to work out, it's never easy because you always seem to feel like saying "oh I'll just do it tomorrow" but as Ben Franklin says "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today"... The man discovered electricity, you'd think people would pay more attention! 

So as tired and worn out as I am ( I know you don't think 20 mins could be that bad, but believe me, it's Jillian Michaels, they are!!) I decided to write to the people who read this, who I am grateful to because otherwise i'm a lil freak talking to myself! 

Which brings me to my next topic, twitter.. ah twitter.. I did actually have an account before hand and I deleted it because i didn't find it useful at all, but i recently joined it (recently like today!) again, and I will try to keep up with it a little more. I found Kevin Zegers twitter, which i'm not sure is real or fake so I commented and now I'm concerned that it probably is the real Kevin and he will think  I'm a psycho stalker... oh well... I guess I am, but not in a totally psycho demented please-talk-to-me-you're-so-cool-and-in-movies kinda way, I just find it extremely interesting to talk to other actors. I always have been. Even my co-stars in 'Lay Me Down Softly', especially Leslie McGuire and Simone Kirby, I'd always be asking them questions, like interviewing them, because I find it really interesting! I enjoy listening to people's stories from set of movies or TV programs, and I enjoy listening to them talk about the people they have worked with or met over the years, because I want to one day be able to tell the same stories. 

So maybe I'm a little bit of a freak...hmm.. may work on trying to be that little bit more normal this year. Gosh this post turned out to be a bit humiliating didn't it? well, there ya go. For those of you who read this, I'm not a psycho stalker egotist, but a person who enjoys being in contact with other actors and listening to them... 

shit.. do i need help? anybody?

(TWITTER-- https://twitter.com/#!/appeleyes2)

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