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Thursday, February 2, 2012


ok so nothing new! I had my first audition of 2012! yay! thank God! I didn't get the part but at least I had an audition! And I'm so excited to get back into it! Now, I know I've said that I'd make a youtube video blog, however.. I'm a little weary about putting myself on youtube just yet so I thought I'd just post more here and see can I get more followers or visits here first and help you guys out!

Um, anyways, the audition went well and I think the casting director liked me which is great! and honestly sometimes it's not all about getting the job and it's more about making and impression on the people who audition you, because you may not be what they're looking for in terms of the character but you may be great for a part in the future or in another project that they're working on!

So here's my tip for today: Don't go in thinking you're going to be amazing and get the part because you deserve it. Go in with a smile and a positive attitude and think, I should get this part because this is my interpretation of the character and hopefully you like it. In the end though I think meeting the people and the casting directors is such a valuable experience.

Other than that I don't have any comments. I can't wait for the oscars this year though!!!! I hope Rooney Mara gets Best Actress, I know Meryl Streep will probably get it but I think that's just because she impersonates Margaret Thatcher very well, but honestly I think the emotional and physical challenge Rooney went through deserves the Oscar more! But we will see!


Bye for now!!

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