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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Other actors

I recently saw a production of TWO in UCD which had stunning performances by two of the most talented actors I have had the pleasure to see perform. And this made me seriously contemplate my own abilities as an actor. I keep away from the negatives of 'she was so amazing.. Why can't I be like that!' or 'she's a better actress than I am'.... Now, she is. Way better. But that's not negative to me. Because I accept the fact that I am not as talented as others. And she really works hard. The play consists of a multitude of Characters performed by two actors. They each need to portray 6 characters, each with their own accents and personalities. So instead of getting bogged down in the negative 'she's better than me' I focus on how can I learn from her. She is honestly amazing and I draw inspiration from her performance. How can I improve? How can I learn from this? And it's simple. Just keep trying. I work hard and now I'm spurred on to work harder for my dreams and I hope one day I'll see her at the oscars! TWO currently runs in UCD dramsoc theatre from 7pm until Friday. Directed by Eoghan Carrick, starring Benji Waddell and Caitriona Ennis.

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