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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cuckoo Round 2!

Gosh It's been ages since I last posted and I apologize, I have been snowed under with work!!

So on to Cuckoo Round 2!! We finished filming the second episode this weekend and honestly I'm so excited for it to be edited and shown because I have learned so much that I feel will really stand to me when it comes to acting.

Dannan Breathnach and I on the set of Cuckoo... on a cold Monday morning... looking badass...

Ok so in the first episode I overacted a little... ok a lot... but the reason for this is it was my first shot at it. And I'm so used to Theatre that I feel like I just over acted in order to really get my feelings across, when really on camera it's all about being natural and having the looks behind your eyes rather than overly obvious. So this is what I worked on. The eyes.. although I'll admit that in itself was tough considering I'm wearing glasses. And a lot of the time I had to exaggerate things as a moody 17year old would do.. the little drama queen!

I love Niamh Keegan. She's such a drama queen and is mortified and embarrassed by her parents at every outing. She is desperate in her need for attention and a place to fit in and seeks it in the arms of Tina Vickers.. Niamh's suspected mother.

Back in Niamh's bedroom...

This episode is a step up from the first as we see Niamh fantasize a bit about the life she could have had or the slightly bizzare sequences she wishes could be reality. I really thinks this adds a lot to the episodes as we can really understand the inner workings of Niamh...

We shot in Ranelaigh on Sat and Sunday and then in Stillorgan on Monday. Now Obviously I can't write about everything we did because you'll have to wait and see the next episode! But it was long hours and the days were tiring as we changed angles and scenes and costume. All worth it tho hopefully and I'm sure our efforts will not have gone to waste. It's so wonderful to work on set as I am learning so much every single time. I learn more about lighting and the camera angles and how to keep going when something goes wrong.

I absolutely loved working with everyone involved, we had a great new crew this time round with some of the old familiar faces! and I'm so happy to be a part of this project! Be sure to vote for us when it comes out! xxx

Although it's hard work I love every minute of it! This is my career, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!!! So I try my best to behave and be as great as possible to work with because I know that it's hard for everyone involved when there is a time limit and a budget for these kinds of projects! I absolutely loved working with Brian, Orla, Jeff and Denise. I didn't get to work much with Denise in the last episode so this time it was so amazing to get to work with her because I know that I can learn so much from her.

Anyways, enough rambling... Post ya next time when the project is out (19th March)

Peach out! x


  1. Congrats on landing a project!! Looks like your hard work is paying off! Juggling acting school and work at the same time is a big accomplishment!

    1. thanks so much! x thanks for checkin out my page