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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out of a job

So Cuckoo didn't get enough votes to make it into the next round on RTE... oh well. What can you do? We tried our best and we just didn't get the votes we needed.

I personally think they should have a panel of judges rather than using Facebook to vote but hey ho, thats the way it goes!

So now I'm out of the job and still hoping someone somewhere someday will hire me for something big! In the meantime I'm doing my best to juggle college assignments and get a showreel done! I have a few clips from Cuckoo but nothing too long to go on as they were only 6 min episodes each so a lot of the shots are just one liners or reaction shots. So I'm looking for monologues to film in my mate's college in their studio! Which I am so hoping will work out. There is a great little place in Pearse Street called 'shoot auditions' where they charge 50 euro per monologue... which I think is a bit ridiculous! they should charge 50 euro per hour in the studio! because think how many monologues you can do in an hour!! gosh.. so If i am really and truly stuck and my agent pushes me for any material whatsoever then I think I'll have no choice but to head in and do one or two monologue.

Perhaps I'll try film one today on my computer in my garden, considering that the weather has been so beautiful the last few days here in Ireland. but alas there are always going to be background noises, cars, people, gates and doors and windows opening and closing and with this lovely weather comes the sounds of summer; children playing and the nostalgic sound of lawn mowers!

Anyways, as soon as I have some interesting bits of monologues I will put them up here and post them on youtube to get to hear your views on whether or not they should go on my showreel.

Okey doke, I better get back to my assignments. In the next few days I will probably post some 'philosophical'-'lifestyle' type posts which would just really be my thoughts and ramblings. So please stay tuned!

Best of luck to all you actors out there! keep living the dream!


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