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Friday, May 31, 2013


As much of a positive person as I am, it's extremely hard to be positive in this business... because of the pure and simple fact that it is hard not to take rejection personally... but the truth is, it isn't. 

Rejection isn't personal! And I know that, and yet even as I know that, I do often find myself wondering if I am not suited for this business? Perhaps I'm just one of those sad, sad acts on XFactor who think that they could have the potential to do well in the industry, but really they can't, because they are utterly talentless..

Hopefully that isn't the case... 

It's also quite hard to see your friends do well, even if you're happy for them, because you can't just stop yourself from feeling a bit 'left out'.... 

All I want is to be on a professional set again, to feel the atmosphere, to take it all in... and I know that it's not going to just magically happen but I'm sincerely hoping that with all my hard work, that it would happen soon. 

Thing is, Simon Pegg is right. 'Don't give up'. And I won't. Yes it's true that I would have occasional moments of doubt, but I think that's all part of being an actor. I just have to pull through, go to auditions and workshops and work very hard to be successful in this career. 

So if you have any moments of doubt, then buck up.. it's a long road of rejection and we all have to go through it, but we must continue on! GRIT! 


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