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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Acting Obsession!

So I always tend to obsess over specific actors who I think are phenomenal! And the list is soooo long, including Judi Dench, James McAvoy, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy....

And what happens in these little obsessions of mine is, that i tend to try and find all of their films and watch them. Now I actually haven't watched all of their work but I watch as much as I can because I enjoy watching them on screen and being inspired by their talent... do you ever feel this way??

Anyway, my point is: My recent obsession is Benedict Cumberbatch! Now I loved Benedict ever since I watched him in Atonement.. and then with Sherlock he stole my heart away! I'm just soooo in awe of his talent! He and Martin Freeman make an amazing combination! (Please, if you have yet to see BBC Sherlock, then I suggest you do it now... you may thank me later!)

     So, recently I saw Benedict in the new Star Trek film, which by the way, is a vast improvement on the first film and quite a good entertaining movie. There were definitely a lot of 'gasp' moments for me, and I was constantly on the edge of my seat! So basically after seeing this film, and Benedict on the Big Screen, I felt so much energy! He's phenomenal in it, so stern and cold at times, but yet so changeable! He's wonderful in it anyway, and I found myself coming home and trying to watch everything he's ever been in... which would probably take a while.

I had already seen Atonement and Starter for 10 (this occurred during my James McAvoy addiction) and decided to look up some interviews of Benedict online to see how he felt about making Star Trek and other films... and this lead to an interview with him and Tom Hardy.. now in my Tom Hardy obsession I had yet to find this film which starred the two, so next thing you know I find the film and watch it...

And it is possibly one of the most touching, funny and intelligent movies I have ever seen! It's spectacular! So, after you've watched Sherlock, please please please watch this movie! It's wonderful!

So I thought I might just put that little bit of thought out there for you all to read. Are there any films that you think are phenomenal? Do you ever get into these obsessions?! Let me know!!

Thanks for reading!!

Peach out!

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