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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Hubbard workshop and another day as an extra!

Hey everyone!

So I said that I would get back to you on how the Hubbard workshop went, and here I am, writing to tell you! Basically it is a full day, 10-5 and it costs 30euro, and is part of the Cinemagic 'festival' (if thats what you call a week of workshops and Q&A's....). Cinemagic.co.uk are a Northern Irish company I believe and set up a week full of workshops, Q&A's with directors, writers and actors, for the benefit of those who are looking to gain a little more insight into the industry.

The workshop for the Hubbards, was basically a group of probably 30 people, who would perform a monologue for Ros and John Hubbard, who would then give critical feedback! It was extremely insightful to listen to everything they had to say about some pieces and their feedback was extremely helpful. At the end of the day, there was a question and answer session and then we all packed up and went home!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but just to hear what they had to say about auditions and how they audition young actors and what their take on their industry is, was really so helpful, and I would really recommend that anyone interested should definitely take part next year! The do this workshop in Dublin, in the Burlington Hotel every year in collaboration with cinemagic, so please google Cinemagic and keep up to date with their workshops! Of course, with the Hubbards workshop, you can only do this workshop once, as they don't need to see you perform twice. They are hugely influential and just to get them to see you perform a piece, that ideally shows the best of your capabilities is a huge opportunity not to be missed!

And yes, some people will get auditions from the workshop, specifically the young females of 15-17, just purely because they are casting for someone of that age  right now, I believe. And who knows, next year they might be casting a character that may suit you! So go!! And also their memory is incredible! I met Ros Hubbard in London for a quick hello, literally two minutes and she remembered me! That was two years ago! So this is definitely an opportunity not to miss out on!

The following day, Fair City called again and asked if I'd be an extra for the day. So I did!! Up at 6.30 to be at the studios for 8am!! I was there until 3 and was used in one scene for approximately 5 minutes! Now I know thats an awful long time to sit around, but I can do whatever work or watch whatever movies or read whatever book I want, in the green room until I'm called! And as far as I'm concerned, that is way better than doing a minimum wage job for 6 or 7 hours to get the same amount of money! So it's all good for me!!

I don't think I'll be writing again about the Fair City extra work, as it is usually always the same. You sit with someone on set and you mime a conversation, or you drink/eat the food given, or you sit and read or search on your phone. Basically, you will be in the background, keeping occupied! And thats the life of an extra! Ha!

Any experiences you have had? Anyone else been to a great workshop recently? any feedback on this blog what-so-ever? Don't be afraid to contact me or tweet me @appeleyes2 with any comments or questions!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Peach Out!! xx

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