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Friday, May 17, 2013

59 views today! new record! and a new promo...

Hey guys I just want to shout out and say thanks for checking out my page! It means a lot!

I hope to write a new post soon on headshots and working out and more to come!! but first here's a little something!

So 'Romantic Hideaway' is a short film I did a while ago and I just wanted to share with you that while we are still awaiting full confirmation that we are in the feature film, there has been a promo released for 50 kisses! As part of the London Screenwriter's Festival and we are in the trailer so I hope sincerely that we are in the feature!

here is a link to the promo and the website where you can find out more information!!



Thanks for all your support!

Peach out! x

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