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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh Canada!! and tidbits...

Hi there!

So I know I haven't posted in a while, and the reason is, well, a lot of things. Basically I had to write an essay, then go to Canada!

I went to Canada for 3 days to represent my university in a Student forum for Universitas 21! It was amazing fun and I had such a great time! Canada is sooo beautiful, specifically Vancouver which was were the Student Summit was held.

I, along with 42 other delegates from 13 different countries, sat together in workshops and discussed how we could better the education and college experience. It was an extremely productive three days, but unfortunately on my lsat day, as I was flying back to London I felt extremely ill. And am now sick in bed over the weekend!! Boohoo!!

But on the up-side, I'm participating in a Hubbard Casting Workshop tomorrow so I hope to let you all know about that soon!!! So Keep checking back!! :)

For those of you who aren't aware, The Hubbards are possibly the largest Casting Company in the UK and have cast some of the most amazing films I have ever seen! Such as The Lord of The Rings, Tomb Raider, The Hobbit, The Bourne Ultimatum.. basically, A LOT! And if you google them I'm sure they'd have info about them and what they have cast! They're a family business, Ros and John are the Parents and creators, then followed by Dan and Amy their children. All are still casting today and I'm so excited to meet them again!

(I met them all once before very briefly in London, and I've also auditioned for John twice.) I'm so excited to participate but I'm also very nervous! I hope that I can really pull off my monologue and just sincerely act with confidence because I feel that is possibly my weakest point!!

Oh well! Perhaps I'll get some feedback tomorrow so I'll let you all know!

Stay Tuned!

Peach Out!

(oh and while you wait, here are some lovely shots of the Stunning Vancouver and UBC campus!)

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