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Friday, April 5, 2013

ISDA and auditions!

So I believe I wanted to keep you up to date with ISDA and how all that went down..

Well!... we arrived and set up on the monday evening and then performed our show "Breathing Corpses" on the Tuesday morning at 11am. The judges liked our performance and complemented the acting, the set design and the stage management, but overall kinda hated the text!! Oh well! Not much you can do about that then eh?

I was supposed to stay on in Cork and go to the ISDA award ceremony on Wednesday night when I was notified by my agent that I had an audition on Wednesday morning, and then another audition on Tuesday morning!

Well, I nearly fell over! WTF? I haven't had an audition in absolute ages and now all of a sudden TWO? in the space of TWO DAYS? WTF? ... well hey! I'm not complaining! Just a bit of a shock to the ole system! So I printed the sides and read and learned them, as usual.

But this time I went into the audition room with confidence, wanting to 'play', excited to show them what i can do! And I had fun!! It was the best fun! The first audition was for a comedy series on RTE and I had many lines, and got to play 'a character' which is always craic! So I thoroughly enjoyed my audition, and came out happy that at least I enjoyed myself.

I didn't get the part or a call back for that audition but thats understandable. I'm not gonna get everything, because sometimes its your look that is just unsuitable. No bother! At least I has fun trying!

The next audition was waaaaay harder.... because it was one line! Only one! jeepers how the hell do you audition for a one line part? Well, I soon found out! The casting director had the whole day to audition tonnes of girls for this part. Wow! and I thought my work was cut out for me! I really felt for them because they were gonna have to hear this line over and over! Gees! Anyways, I went in and said the line and found that they added in another line for me to say, i think that was a good call because at least then I could display my accent. (there was a required accent for this particular part, but with one line, that had very little inflection and no words longer than two syllables it was hard to show it!)... but that was it! 5 mins in and out! i performed the scene once and then again with direction....

AND..... I got a callback! Woohoo! I've never had a call back before so I will definitley write a post about that when i get the chance!!

so there you go! thats what has been going on with me lately! Oh yes, and I've just completed filming a short film for Dublin Institute of Technology students! That was soooo much fun! and I will post about that soon with many pictures!!! xxx

Thanks for reading! I will post soon!

Peach Out! x

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