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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do it!! Blogilates!

If you guys aren't already doing it, then YOU SHOULD BE!!

Make sure you actors are eating healthy and staying fit, because this industry is cut throat and you don't want someone else to claim the part you were made for simply because they looked after their body more than you do! Which is likely the case in this business!!

So, what I've been doing recently is POP Pilates with Casey Ho on youtube!! Her blog is blogilates.com and you can youtube search 'blogilates' to get her workouts!! She is so energetic and fun and she really makes me love working out!

I'd suggest you sign up for her news letter on her blog, it's free and you get access to her workout calendar, where she composes about an hour's worth of pilates videos for you to do! I'm only a week and half into her calendar as I started late, but honestly I've never felt so good! And I can already see the results!

Make sure you partner her videos with healthy eating and lots of cardio for the quickest and best results!!

Stay focussed and keep up the amazing work!!!

Peach out!!

(I don't own that photo, but gee doesn't she look great!)

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