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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Extra work again

Hey guys, 

So I was offered extra work again yesterday for Fair City and of course as you know with any filming, I can't tell you what it was about. My I can share my experience all the same. 

Firstly, everyone I met was lovely on set, including the 'stars' of the show. The crew were all really nice, which is great when you're an extra but they don't make you feel like you're just furniture. It's always nice when they remember that you're actually human! 

We even got thanked by the director at the end of the scene, which was the first time I think I've been thanked as an extra. Could be wrong... possibly the first time thanked as an extra by a director.. yeah maybe that's more accurate. 

anyway, how did I get this? Easy! Just sign up to movieextras.ie and upload a few photos and they will send you for work! This is also how I go work on the Jimi Hendrix film. So It's always worth a try, and every time I've signed up to movie extras I've always made my money back, from filming. 

However, it is VERY BORING! I was brought in at 12 and wasn't used until 3.30, so I, along with many others, had to wait in the green room to be called, so my best advice is to bring a book or bring some work that you can do in that time. They do have a tv on normally which is nice, and of course people get chatting anyway which is also lovely. But there is a lot of waiting so do always bring a book or ipod or something to keep you occupied. 

Also, after every scene you've done, if they change scene, that means you must change clothes if you're going to be in the next scene. (They usually tell you to change anyway so don't worry about if you're uncertain whether you have to change or not)

What I normally do is bring several different tops that make up a totally new look. Or two pairs of pants and two tops and a jacket so that I can look different in very many ways! Also the whole, hair up and hair down thing is a great way to 'switch it up' too! Ha! 

Make-up, I've always gone with a more natural look but there is no specification on the make up as far as I'm aware. You can always bring make up with you and judge by looking at the others in the room. 

Anyway thanks for reading this quick lil post!

I'm on twitter, for any of those who want to follow me or ask me any questions, I'll definitely do my best to answer them or find the answers for you, by contacting casting directors or my agent!  @appeleyes2 

Have you guys done any extra work? What has been your worst/best experience? Feel free to tweet me the answers or comment below!! Thanks pals! 

Peach out! 


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