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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breathing Corpses By Laura Wade

So I'm currently in an ISDA (Irish Student Drama Association) play called Breathing Corpses, written by Laura Wade. For those of you who don't know, ISDA is a national competition for all student drama societies. They each choose two or three plays to go to the host university to represent their college. At the end of the little festival, there are awards for all sorts of categories from Best Actor to Best set design to Best Prostups.

So It's been a very long two weeks in preperation for our show. We have performed it for 5 nights about 3 or 4 weeks ago to the UCD campus audience, then we got chosen to represent UCD in ISDA... so now it was all hands on deck in order to construct the set in a much neater, cleaner way, to rework scenes so that everything is specific and intentional. It's been amazing, but it been VERY exhausting....

We've spent three days painting the entire set white, right after the two weeks it took to rebuild it! So now we are off to University College Cork tomorrow for our get in at 3! and then we're on first thing in the morning at 10am in the Firkin Crane in Cork! This is going to be so fun! It's been hard work but it will all pay off, and if we win an award then that would just be a bonus!!

It's been so interesting to do this play and work with a dear friend of mine, Lisa Carroll, who is directing. She's been amazing and everything she says in terms of directing our acting, is so clear and precise, she just wants us to be natural, to be an extension of ourselves. It's been brilliant and later on I'll post about an amazing book for everyone to read... but more on that in a later post!

I will keep you all posted on how ISDA goes and how it feels to perform in a 'competition'... because I have definitely never been in that kind of an atmosphere!

Pics to come!! GO 'BREATHING CORPSES'!


Peach Out!

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