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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

oook... sorry it took so long!

Hi guys! So I know I haven't written in ages, so here it is! The two days filming on the set of Cuckoo! (webisode series for RTE Storyland!)

Ok Well here goes, it began on the Tuesday night, when I got my hair trimmed and Dyed by the awesome Eileen Buggy! (wife of the great Nial Buggy!) who was amazing and dyed my hair to a naturalistic red color!

Sorry, not the greatest image but whatevs! 

 Anyway... So then that night I met Maria, Marie and Muara. the make up artist, the Producer and the costume manager. That was a fun experience! And eventually I met Danann and Colum (The director and camera man) and also Denise McCormack who plays Tina Vickers. who is amazing! xx

Wednesday was bright and early at 8am on set in a house in Ranelagh where I met the rest of the lovely cast! Yay!! and it was a long day!!! we didn't wrap until 8pm and it was constant filming!! With a nice dinner break! xx we filmed all the house scene that day with Brian, Orla and even the little
Erin! and Bad ass Jeff and my girl Rosin!! love that girl! ! Yay! So bedroom scenes and kitchen scenes! and it was great!

Thursday was the same, 8am start! but this time we weren't at the house, we were in Ranelagh luas station! So we did a few scenes on the luas and just outside the luas, and then of course a couple scenes in a nightclub which was great fun to do!! All in all the days were long but i loved every minute of it and I hope we will get to film the rest of the episodes so please stay tuned because I'll be back on here to plead for your votes! xx
so here are a few lil photos from the set...

So this is what I learned, from my days shooting on both Titanic and Cuckoo:

be prepared to wait around!! There is a lot of down time between shots and scenes as it takes time to set up camera and lights

also, be prepared for a lot of smoke!!! The smoke adds depth to the room on camera, it was used both in Cuckoo and Titanic, kinda like dry ice, but it's not, and it's not as thick! So be warned there will be some smoke and some funny smells...

Working with glasses is hard!! Because eI have to wear glasses for my character of Niamh Keegan, it was hard to work glasses when I've never had any. This is not because it strains my eyes or anything, because it's clear glass... it's because the lens reflect light... so you've got to careful and weary of the angles you're playing in because the glass could reflect the light or an image of the camera.

everyone is amazing!! It's such a team work experience when you work on a set and the thing I love is that when you watch it back it obviously looks like two people in a room talking, when really there's ten people max. in the room operating light and sound and cameras and directing and assisting... it's awesome! xx

So then, I think thats really all I have to offer for now! I'll definitely write some more and post a few vlogs concerning face routines and also audition outfits! x

See you guys later!

Peach out!

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