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Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's the decisions you make in life that will affect you the most. Should you live in the moment and abandon your morals? Or make the choice your think is the right one and hope that someone will respect you for the choice you made to stick to your principals. I made a choice recently that will affect the rest of my life. I stuck to my principals even though my body was begging for something else. But I stood firm and even though that choice might never happen again and perhaps I'll always wonder what if, I think that it's better wonder what if rather than regret doing something. And maybe I'll get the opportunity again and the circumstances will be different and I will choose the other road without any qualms, but for now what will be will be. Don't ever feel pressured into doing something you don't think is right or goes against your morals, because then you're changing who you are and I think it is always better if you stick to who you are and have people respect you for who you are instead of tying to impress with someone you're not. In other news, I went to the titanic wrap party last night and had a great night! With Karl shiels, Anthony Morris and my driver mick and pat Larkin! I my the director who cast me and the producer who wanted to meet me! It's all about the network in this business guys! So get in with who you can just don't do it in a way that's really not appropriate! Ok that's all! Stay tuned for more! I am also delighted to officially announce I've been cast in Cuckoo for RTE stoyland which if you saw this blog befor you'll notice I took that piece down because I want technically allowed to release that information! But now I am! And I'll write about the two days I spent filming and the people I met and some strong advice! Xx Also to come, vlogs about facial care, audition outfits and acting essentials! Xx Stay reading! Peach! Ps, Kevin zegers is an amazing bit of eye candy! Xxx nom

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