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Thursday, December 1, 2011

titanic filming!

okey dokey, so here it is! The day of filming now in blog form!!

So at 10am I was collected by a really lovely driver called Mick. He was very sweet and welcoming. I arrived just after ten at Base where I was shown my trailer, the make up truck, the costume truck and the tea and coffee stand. I settled in my trailer for a little while,  it was lovely and warm in there let me tell ya!!  and then went right on over to hair and makeup! Where I met a lovely make up artist Katie!

We chatted as she did my makeup, completely natural by the way, it is a period drama after all. And i had a lovely lil cup of tea, it was freezing outside! before I was shipped over to Eimaer for Hair. She took around half and hour or so, possibly more on my hair for the scene. She's extremely talented and so lovely!!

I was then told I might be called for an earlier scene as well, but that wasn't going to go ahead. So I hung out in my trailer and read plays for college work. I was then told at around 12.40 to go to set to rehearse my scene. I went there and was put into the green room, with a lovely big heater and some refreshments but they never got round to the rehearsal, so... LUNCH!

We all headed back to base, I got into a car with Billy Carter who is extremely gentlemanly and lovely altogether. We all lined up at the lunch truck, which is where I met Kevin Zegers too. Very nice also. I had some Chicken, with soy and mirin sauce and some mash which I ate in my trailer then went to hang out in make up, as it's really lonely all the time!! Kevin joined us in the makeup trailer for a bit of banter before having to go back to work.

I went back to my trailer while they all went to set to continue work. And the waiting began. It's just a lot of waiting around all the time guys. Not very exciting. At around half 3 Tamzin came to my trailer to put me in costume! A  beautiful full length navy dress, and hand made leather italian shoes! ah! gorgeous! and of course, the corset! ha! it turned out that the corset she had was actually too big, so it closed all the way, but no matter, I was in tight enough anyway and now I could still breathe!

Immediately after I was taken to set! where I watched Billy work, from the directors screen in the next room! It's fascinating stuff really! and It felt so exciting! seeing the set and everyone in costume. Then it came to my scene, which took approximately over an hour to shoot, just from different angles and different direction.

During which time we had 5 mins to relax and head to the green room where I chatted with Billy and Kevin.

Once we wrapped for the day Kevin and I decided to get a drink! so I had a quick drink with Kevin and then he walked me to the Luas station on Steven's green.

I had the most amazing day! and I had a lovely time with the entire cast and crew! they were all truly wonderful! xx

So thats my day of filming in writing! Hoped you enjoyed reading! If you have any questions, let me know. xxx

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