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Monday, September 29, 2014

This is tough

So recently, I've been in contact with other actors from the same agency and it seems like they're getting more opportunities than I am? Is that really true? Does my agent have something against me? Do I have some kind of really unique look that rules me out of a lot of things?

The answers are complicated! Everyone has their own look and will suit certain types of projects. And every agent works for as many as they can, while not forgetting the littler people who are just starting out! And everyone gets different opportunities, and maybe it's important to not focus on what others are achieving or what auditions they're going to, because chances are, you were probably put up for it, and the casting director chose not to see you! Sigh...

This business is so friggen tough! I think it's important to not get bogged down on the negative, even when there is very little positives right now! A friend of mine once said, 'you will definitely make it in this industry if you stick with it, because many will give up along the way and you'll be the only one standing'.

I've thought a lot about that statement, and I really think that could be true! And so I want to stick it! I want to be in it for the long haul, but again, that's kinda difficult if you have nothing going for you right now.

So, here's what I plan to do. I'm going to be positive! I'm going to follow Nick Dunnings advice on peak-performance for actors ( http://www.peak-performance-for-actors.com ) and focus on the positive and remove all of the negative 'can'ts' and 'won'ts' and 'it will nevers' from my vocabulary and just keep moving on. I am going to practice. To volunteer for any and every work that I possibly can! I am going to hound directors and casting directors and hopefully find someone somewhere will be willing to give me a chance!

So let's do this guys! Let's all take a moment to promise ourselves to stick it to the end! And to do it for the love of it! And hopefully one day soon, maybe we will even get paid for it!

Keep the faith!

Peach out! xxxx


  1. Love this post. I am in the same position. Nothing from my agent in months. I'm on Fishpond but commercials have all but disappeared this year. There wasn't even a rush of Christmas ads like usual. It's hard to stay positive,
    I'm also having trouble finding work. I need a paycheck but I'm afraid to take a full-time job incase acting opportunities come up but then again the bills wont pay themselves. Are you still working at the gym?

  2. Hi there, I am still working at the gym but they know where my priorities lie. It is super tough when it comes to bills and pay checks, I have stayed with movie extras so they have been a source of income on the odd occasion when I do get called and can actually do it. I find I have to start making my own work now..