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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What make up do you wear to an audition??

So guys I have had a few questions about what make up to wear to an audition and my advice?

none....or barely any

The idea behind this is that if they wanted to see you in eyeliner and red lips they will hire a make up artist to do that! They want to see you and your natural look for the part, no matter what part it is. Your natural beauty is always better!!

So what I suggest:

I'm quite fair-haired so I use a little eyebrow filler and some Mascara (Christian Dior Extase).
My foundation routine is very simple too, I use MAC Face and Body in the colour N1. It's the lightest and honestly I've never had a better foundation. I will most likely do a review on this soon as I think it may just be in my list of Actor's Essentials (new blogpost coming soon!)

So keep it simple. If you have dark hair then all you might need is just a small bit of foundation (DON'T CAKE IT ON!!!... use more of a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone), and possibly a little bit of concealer.

I always wear as little make up as possible because they can always change it with their own make up artists.

(In terms of hair, just wear what you are most comfortable with, I prefer my hair up, but my hair is strawberry blonde and curly so I quite like to show it off as I think it sets me apart from a lot of dark haired actresses out there, so I'd compromise and put the hair around my face and just clip it away and leave the rest really natural. I would always just recommend that you go in as natural as you can be. They can always change it.)

Comment below if you have any more questions on how to go or approach and audition.

Thanks for reading!! xx

Peach out!

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