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Friday, May 11, 2012

sorry I know its been a while...

So guys for those of you who read this blog, perhaps you find it interesting and perhaps you're just passing through but either way I appreciate it!

So there has been nothing... like... NOTHING! I can literally see the tumble weed pass me by! Acting work has been so slow! and even my agent is trying but there is just nada... sake!!!

So while I'm clawing my hair out with all the nothing to do but wait for my phone to ring or an email to come.. I am focusing on my body! I have decided I need to loose at least 8kgs (I'm 55kgs right now) and I want to be under 50 but I thought if I aim for 8kgs and only reach a 5kg weightless it's better than aiming for something smaller and getting a small result! And how am i going to do this you ask?

glad you asked! well, I plan to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred at least twice or three times a week, but thats not all... I'm also joining a boxercise club on sat mornings and a kick-boxercise club on monday nights, wednesday and thursday mornings!!! Oh yes! these boxercise and kick-boxercise boast to burn 600-800 calls in one session! So you know that I gotsta get me some of this!!!!

so I'm tracking my weight and from now on I'll update this blog with weight posts as well as with any acting posts!!

OOh... and CUCKOO didn't get through to the third round of RTE Storyland unfortunately! But we have decided to complete the series anyway with the help of everyone involved! RTE support us but don't fund us so we're raising the money ourselves. However once the last two episodes are filmed they will feature on RTE's website! so yay!!!

We start shooting next weekend from the 18-20 May in Dublin, Ireland... It's going to be tough doing two episodes in three days as usually it's only one in that amount of time. I get to work more with Denise McCormack (Who won the best supporting actress IFTA recently) so I can't wait to work with her and hopefully get some tips! x

So I will post some pictures and behind the scenes footage maybe! for now though here are the links to the two episodes and you can find some behind the scene footage on the Cuckoo youtube channel! so for now I hope you all enjoy the links below! and maybe comment and let me know what you think? feedback is great! although don't go too hard please, I'm only starting out an honestly I think I learn from each episode so I think my acting is way better in the second episode than it is in the first! so yea...

here you go!!!



Peach out!!

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