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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cuckoo episode 3 & 4 pictures from set!

So we started shooting the last two episodes of the web series Cuckoo on Friday and my what a journey! It's Sunday now and I'm writing this from set in the middle of the shoot. We are nearly 4 hours behind schedule because I've discovered it is extremely difficult to work in a shipping centre! As there are all sorts of issues! Continuity, audio and mostly people staring straight into camera! So it put us behind a lot. But so far so good! We've got an incredible team of people working with us to get these two episodes done and finish the series!

 We are working hard and at all possible hours to get this finished and then.. That's a wrap! We probably won't wrap until about 11 tonight but it'll all be worth it! I can't wait to post all four episodes on this site to show you all what I've been working for! And what we have achieved on a very small budget in a short amount of time!

Here are some pics from set!!! Hope you've enjoyed the Cuckoo journey!! We wrapped just after 11 but unfortunately there was still one scene we needed to do, and we will have to come back to that in a few weeks time! Oh well!! I look forward to it and for everyone that worked on this series, I thank you all for your hard work and support during this process!

Thank you all! here are some pictures from the set of the third and fourth episodes!


Peach out!

 Hair and make up!! by the lovely Claire and Martina!

 Is Tina Vickers getting a close up?? ... watch to find out...

Happy family??? (Orla, Me and Brian!)

Denise having a great little snap with the clapper board!!

 Thanks to Laura O'Leary who joined our team!

 Blue steel??? I think Ben Stiller is super jealous right now..

End of day with the director (Danann), Me, the lovely owner of Tres Vintage and of course the fabulous Denise McCormack!!!


  1. What a fun blog entry! Pagan, love the photos! What good memories from set! A wicked few days! Want to continue the journey! xxx

  2. When can we view this Cuckoo project? Would be interesting to see you're acting journey from start to and progressing on:) and props on juggling acting classes, work and travel! awesome!

    1. hey chloe!! Episode 3 and 4 will be up in june sometime hopefully! I'll post them here when they're up. for now here are the links to the first two episodes and their behind the scenes footage!! enjoy!!! xx thanks for your support chloe!

      Episode 1

      behind the scenes

      episode 2

      behind the scenes

      there are loads more bits of footage on the cuckoostoryland page on youtube so check it out!! xxx